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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Get Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP in Your BlogSpot Blog

Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP

How Set Your Blog URL from HTTP to HTTPS

BlogSpot recently announced that they are supporting HTTPS instead of HTTP. Actually they were working with strong security HTTPS encryptions between users and Google servers, science 2008. As a part of the topmost secured Google for everywhere, Google already provided the benefits of HTTPS in Search, Gmail, Drive and many others products from last couple of years. Recently announced for on ads products also. Consequently as a part of mission expansion, BlogSpot are now going to give opportunity for your blog to get benefits of HTTPS over HTTP just changing the URL.

It is very simple to set your blog address URL from http to https, go to your blog dashboard and open Settings, select Basic, then you will find HTTPS Availability under head of HTTPS Settings, from the dropdown button select Yes and come out after save changing. You have done!

You already turned your blog URL from HTTP to HTTPS, changed will be appear in the address bar as https:// where it was before http://.

Don’t worry to access previous HTTP connection, your blog now able to access both of HTTP and HTTPs connections.  BlogSpot said custom domains are not supporting this first version of change, but they are moving gradually everywhere.

Get Ranking Boost Benefits of HTTPS over HTTP

Google said HTTPS gives your websites some search ranking benefits as a very lightweight signal and it will keep everyone safe on the web. Google working gradually to strengthen on ranking boost benefit for all websites and encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep safe everyone. Google also said based on their test result, HTTPS working positively as per signal analysis report of ranking in Google’s search results.

Some of SEO expert saying, Google has confirmed HTTPS as a ranking boost, but sites ranking boost HTTPS’s alone is quite small where remains dozens of ranking factors that have a bigger impact; such as  Attractive links, Competitive analysis, Improved social meta tags, Reduced crawl errors, Fix duplicate content, Perform a site audit, Optimize for speed, Local optimization, International targeting, Creating quality contents, Targeting relevant search phrases, Freshen post contents, Improved internal linking and On page optimization ect.

In fact, HTTPS is not the main ranking boost factor for your blog.


HTTPS and Highest Security Policy

We are welcoming the HTTPS over the HTTP as we know Google adopting HTTPS as highest security policies for websites. Google pushing all website to switch HTTPS that will provide more secured websites than HTTP.

Now a day’s security is very important everywhere from personal to global interaction; we all are very much dependent and engaged with online data transfer system in every moment; but some time we are losing financially and socially due to unexpected hacking activities.   

Experts are saying HTTPS security policy will be helpful enough to tracking system, protecting- malware fooling, hacking, data tempering, address hiding and so on.

Benefits of HTTPS

Protection is the most important benefit from HTTPS; every piece of information is important, but when it is e-commerce or finance related then degree of protection is more expected.

Google said their newer version of HTTPS URL will ensure more data authenticity and confidentiality between contents publishers and viewers.  Google treated HTTPS as a cornerstone for internet security policy.

HTTPS will provide the benefits to both of blog authors and visitors by protecting stealing information, tracking authors-visitors activities, redirecting to a malicious location and changing any data sent from blogger to a blog visitors.

Custom domain BlogSpot blog also will get the HTTPS benefits shortly, we believe on that.


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