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How Unveil Ultimate Secrecy of Page Ranking

How You Unveil The Ultimate Secret Point To Improve the Page Rank Of Your Blog? 

get more traffic and your blog post will be hit by more visitorsBlogger, everyone desires to get a high page rank for his blog; a high page rank means Google includes all search engines like your website and makes it visible to much more visitors.  Ultimately, you will get more traffic and your blog post will be hit by more visitors.

Before unveiling the secrecy to get a high page rank for a blog, we would like to discuss the king rules of page rank for a blog or website. If we don’t know the scope or pre-condition of page rank for a website, may our work will go astray.

Some website contains huge potential to get good page rank, but not getting in just time due to lack of proper SEO (Search  Engine Optimization). Oppositely any website can not get a high page rank if does not contain quality content.

King Rules To Improve  Page Rank For Blog 

Before going to the king rules to improving the page rank of your Blog, remember-

“Don’t follow any model blindly, Be a model;
Someone may follow you”
You may see huge suggestions, lots of advertisements, and so many ways to get a high page rank instantly on your Blog. Yes, there are many ways to improve website page rank and that grows step by step; remember that’s not happened over a night! Also remember, one rule may work for me, but may not for you. So, you need your own study to find out the way to improve your website page rank; but there are some fundamental rules that work for all.

We already mentioned making quality content; yes, this is the first king rule. Without enough text content, you can not get a good page rank for your Blog.

Google will be your good friend and remember your blog to display in front of more visitors if you put a lot of unique informatics text that actually visitors are searching for. 

The second king rule for your Blog page rank is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or search engine friendly blog. Actually, there is no shortcut way to optimize the blog for a good page rank. There are lots of factors to improve the page rank of a website.

This single post is not enough to describe the all factors that optimize the page rank. My personal opinion is that if we follow all the rules to optimize our posts for search engines then the article will be for the machine, not for humans! So,  here we will focus on some common and basic rules, but we will advise you to research yourself on your Blog which will help you to unveil the real page ranking factors.


What Technology Google Likes to Improve Page Ranking

Google including all other search engines have no time to read all of your content. You need to show Google some keywords from your post, Google just verifies your content and indexes to further remember.

Indexing your page, Google technology ultimately considers the following key points-

The page title and keywords;

Meta description of the page;

Contents text on pages ;

Link to other sources etc.

These points are very important to page ranking because Google has no time to scan all the page contents each searching time, Google just indexes the search keywords from these points and prioritizes relevant search contents.

When any user search for any content from any corner of the internet world, Google Spider search and compare the search keyword with each webpage and make visible to the user those pages which contain more relevant content. This happens within a few mili-seconds for Google.

The page title contains the most important keywords which actually means the contents of the pages shortly. The length of the page title will neither be very short, nor long. The standard length should be within 80 characters. Too long a page title may consider spamming!

Keywords and keyword phrases are important to page ranking, Google will not scan all the documents if find not any search keywords. First of all, Google searches the search keywords at the page title, and at the meta tag then consider source links. Ex- if you writing a post about cat food, the cat is the keyword. You should mention the word ‘cat’ in the page title, sub-title, post text contents, and in the meta tag; then your post will be visible when someone searches for cat-related something.

Meta Description, Google actually does not index meta keywords, it index meta description tag. The meta description should contain the most important search keywords. Meta description length should not excide 150 characters. More long or short and duplicate meta descriptions are shown as an error in webmaster tools.

Contents text on pages should contain the most relevant search keywords. Important keywords should contain in once H1 header, in multiple sub-header, minor-header, and body text.

Link to other sources on external or internal pages is very important to page ranking. Google values the sources of data and links to other pages. Backlink plays vital roles to earn a high page rank, we will discuss latter about backlink in this article.

How Open The Secret Door To Improve Blog Page Rank

Before we said there is no shortcut way to improve your Blog page rank, you should study and find out which step working for your blog. Now we will focus on some common ways that are helpful and proven to improve the page rank. We hope it will be helpful to you in opening the secrecy of your Blog page rank.

Quality and Unique Contents

We are repeating again, without improving the quality of your content you can not imagine the improved page rank for your Blog. Blog content must be good quality and unique. Yes, unique, you can not copy-paste the documents from others. Your content should have a unique special character. Original and useful content can give you a high page rank because visitors like useful content and Google likes to give a high page rank to the most visited page.

Keep in touch updating the website regularly

If you do not update your blog for a long time, your page rank may drop down. Every week you need to update and include some new content in your Blog, more frequently is better. Also, remember the contents you are putting, should match the described keywords, which will help to come back visitors and stay what Google also loves.

Optimize page contents

You posted quality writing on your pages, but may not be visible at the right time in the right place if your page is not optimized properly. The best way to optimize your content for conversational search, keep your post title with the most popular search keywords. Off course, the body contents of the article should fulfill the search query. Remember, over-optimization may cause for de-ranking of your page.

Image Optimize

Using ALT text on images, you can optimize and make Google searchable images. Google is blind and can not read the image, You need to introduce using some descriptive text in the “Alt text” box and give a suitable file name for the image.

Buildup a quality backlink

Google Like gives you a high page rank when to see visitors coming to your site from another site. Linking with other high page ranked sites you can improve your page rank easily. By sharing content,  adding links, and commenting on other blogs, you can buildup backlinks.

Sharing Contents

By sharing your blog content you can reach others very easily and firstly. Share your Blog by creating a site map, creating an RSS feed, translating your blog contents to other languages, sharing in many social networks, and sharing to other blogs there are so many ways to share. Also provide facilities to visitors to share their post with others easily, adding some social network buttons like Facebook, Google +, Twitter, LinkedIn, tumbler, Digg, Delicious, Diigo, StumbleUpon, Instapaper, Evernote, Pocket, Pinterest, etc.


Backlink Ultimately Improve the Blog Page Rank

Good quality backlinks mean other sites pursuing Google that your blog content is useful which Google appreciates to give you a high page rank. Ultimately huge quality backlinks alone can reach your Blog to a high page rank.

If you search on the net you will get 100 ways, maybe 200 ways to get backlinks. We are not going into more details, just chalking out some important link-building methods that are very simple and easy to all-

Introduce your blog to others' blogs by sharing, commenting, joining the dialogue, asking questions, giving suggestions, and many more conversations;

Submitting the blog URL to different search directories like Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, etc, you can earn huge benefits, especially if you are a new blogger. Search engine technology will find your blog easily. There are also many more directories where you can submit your website URL and ensure as much as you know;

Share Your Blog with Blogging Community and other social networks and introduce as much as possible, linking will come gradually;

Write your post targeting the audience and study their search choice list, include researched keywords in your post, hit and link will come organically;

Be transparent on your blog; keep your blog fresh and clean, man and machine will love it. Ultimate secrecy will unveil automatically which will improve page rank from higher to the highest.


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