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Why Need Reduce Electricity Use in Our Daily Life?

If anyone asks- why need to reduce electricity use in our daily life? Yes, in simply reduce electricity use every day to save money as electricity bill. For your individual interest, if you reduce uses electricity, end of the monthly electricity bill will come less and you can save money.

Reduce Electricity Use and Costs

As a citizen of a developing country like Bangladesh, if you reduce or limit your electricity using then your more neighbours will get a chance to use electricity, because the production or facility of electricity here is not created yet for all. Only a finite amount is available at any given time, when some people usage extra electricity as unnecessary AC’s or fans, there sometimes isn’t enough power to go around. As a result, sometimes there are rolling blackouts knowing as “Load Shading”.

When the time comes to replace your appliances, consider buying more modern ones, with more energy-efficient systems. In the United States, a Department of Energy program called Energy Star identifies the most efficient appliances in each category.

The average yearly energy consumption of a 10-year-old refrigerator is 651 kWh. If you get a new, energy-efficient model, according to Energy Star’s “Flip Your Fridge” calculator, you’ll save $144 over five years, as well as 411 pounds of carbon pollution.

Reduce Electricity Use and Save Environment

As a global citizen, you can play a vital role in environmental impact just by using reduce electricity in your daily life. A significant amount of fuel energy is using to generate electricity worldwide. A huge amount of gasoline, diesel oil, coal etc. are using to generate electricity which is the cause of a direct negative impact on the environment. Some developed countries are using bio-fuel to reduce carbon footprint, to do this they actually using huge animal and human food; on the other side of the world, a large number of people are not getting their minimum food every day.

friends, you love your neighbour’s needs, your environment; hope these answers are good enough for the question “why reduce electricity use?”.

Reduce Electricity Usage before Launch a New Project

It’s not enough to put off the switches of extra appliances, we should think and rethink before starting a new project- what is the alternate and or environment-friendly energy source be used? Say for a new or expanding housing project: the authority should have to undergo an environmental impact looking on electricity and other utilities.

Using the latest smart technology and energy management technique is possible to provide customers to use reduced energy programs. This program may charge the consumer the actual cost using energy at higher prices during peak-hour (high demand time) and lower costs during off-peak-hour (less demand time). If it’s possible to shift energy use time from peak-time to off-peak-time then easy to save energy, which means money; for example- you can easily shift your programs such as running water pump, washing machine, dishwasher, ironing clothes and so many.

Reduce Electricity Bill without any Cost

You can reduce your monthly electricity bill without any cost just following some rules of practices, like as below:

Keep your air-conditioner vents open and clean, it will consume less electricity;

Promote better airflow in your home to reduce electricity consumption;

Stop using heat for your laundry machines whenever possible and pack the right amount of cloth;

Operate your Dishwasher, Heater and Laundry machines at night (off-peak-time);

Load your Dishwasher and Laundry and other appliances and electronics with the right load and efficiently;

To help reduce their peak power demands and save money, many utilities are introducing programs that encourage their customers to use electricity during off-peak hours. The programs pass on the savings to you, the customer, through rebates or reduced electricity rates.

Keep your appliances unplugged rather than standby to reduce your phantom load.

If you want to know more details about energy saving procedures visit other post like:

Finally, we can conclude as reduce electricity usage is not only for saving money but also for our environment. It’s not an issue for developing countries, it’s an issue for developed countries too. So, please come help to go green for all.

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