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Extreme Temperature CableResisting severe or extreme  temperature like very hot or very cold is very challenging for electrical energy transmission power cable. But cable manufacturer are continuously changing their gear to design a upper product to take a new challenge for severe hot and cold temperature resistance along with mechanical and chemical loading.

Power Cables Can Work in Extreme High Temperature

Cable manufacturers claim that they use some intelligent materials to combat temperature extremes like + 90°C to -180°C. Cable having the aid of pure nickel conductors can work in as high as 500°C without any problem. Quartz and silica taping makes electric cables flame-resistant and heat-resistant to over 1100°C.

Power Cables Can Work in Blaze and Self-Extinguish

During high flame, cable can protect itself using self-extinguishing technique. Doping chlorine, fluorine and bromine cable become a flame retardants and self-extinguish. Using some silicon-based material, metal clad or ceramicized cable even can operate in serious blaze condition.

Power Cables Can Work in Extreme Cold Temperature

World leading cable manufacturer South Korean company LS Cable & System announced on May 31, 2016 that they have developed a high-performance marine cable that can operate in extreme cold of minus 70 degrees Celsius temperature. They also claimed that this is for the first time in the world and acquired quality certification for the new cable from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is an international standardization body in North America, just like UL in the U.S.


Why Extreme Temperature Resistance Power Cable is Needed?

Demand for cables that can survive in extreme weather conditions like very high temperature or very low temperature is increasing day by day, due to rise as global warming, drilling development activities,  polar explorations and resource developments in various regions.

Technology increasing it’s level of requirement, to keep the plant alive in extreme temperature, to collect signal from even blazing spot, cable needs to work in a flame.

Reversely, cable needs to stably supply electricity and resist cracking and bending under shock even  extremely low temperatures when they operate for icebreakers or offshore drilling in polar area.


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