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Monday, October 23, 2023

Trouble Shooting a Faulty Refrigeration Circuit-Danfoss

Fig: Virtual Presentation of Finding Fault

How to Troubleshoot HVAC Faulty Refrigeration Circuit

Smart troubleshooting of HVAC problems and malfunctions is a technique where an HVAC technician thinks very sharply and shoots skilled way. Quick troubleshooting depends on fault-finding techniques rather than the difficulty of the fault. Sometimes very simple problem kills a long span of technician time, reversely tactful technician solves the critical malfunction very quickly.  

Today, we will focus our short troubleshooting discussion on some common techniques to find the faulty part of the HVAC refrigeration circuit system

The total Heating Ventilating & Air Conditioning system is a vast system, and it contains various types lots of equipment. An HVAC system consists of compressors, motors, furnaces, cooling systems, air conditioners, air handling systems, ductwork systems, heating systems, humidity control systems, fan-connected networks, different types of controllers, and vast electrical & mechanical systems.

How to Think to Troubleshoot HVAC Problems and Malfunctions As a Pro.

An HVAC professional first tries to categorize and subcategorize the problem and locate the faulty or malfunctioning part of the system, then shoots.

Example- when a technician face a problem, he think to recognize is it electrical problem or mechanical, is not functioning the main equipment or controlling system, which area of the system is not working actually, etc.

Following the above algorithm it makes it easy to find out the malfunction part shortly and troubleshoot promptly.

Do better diagnosis- focusing verification on the power line; power supply panels chronologically checking- Circuit Breaker is not tripped; heating/ventilating/cooling system’s own breaker or fuses are not tripped or burn; wait until complete the breaker or relay waiting (10 second) times; reset the power system; check the thermoset position; if there is a battery, check the battery is still alive and reset battery power.


Guide to Find Fault Location In Refrigeration Circuits With Hermetic Compressors

Be a professional HVAC technician following the DANFOSS troubleshooting guide to find out the faulty parts in refrigeration circuits with hermetic compressors were briefly discussed on the topics:

    1. When the compressor or system does not run or get started;
    2. The compressor or system runs but with reduced refrigeration capacity;
    3. The system running but power consumption is too high
    4. Noisy systems, etc.
You also can download the full guide on Fault Location In Refrigeration Circuits With Hermetic Compressors in PDF format without any cost. Just go to the below link to download.

Guide DOWNLOAD .pdf Fault Location In Refrigeration Circuits.

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