Emergency Restoration System for EHV & HV Power Transmission

ERS is the short of Emergency Restoration System, well known to the line crew of national grid, utility companies and associated with others power transmission and distribution companies. ERS structure are designed for quick bypassing and restoring the transmission line at any emergency situation.

Why ERS Structure Is Required?

Emergency Restoration System Tower
ERS Tower
Damage or breakdown is always unplanned. So, always a pre-planned is necessary to overcome the breakdown within a shortest time. ERS structure is pre-fabricated for quickly and safely bypassing damaged permanent structures; also ERS structures allow us to rebuild or replace the permanent structures with minimum time constraints.

What Is Terrain ERS Tower?

Same ERS tower is not effectively usable for everywhere in the glove due to geographical diverse in the world. So, ERS tower or ERS structure types are mainly considered:
                I.          support mountain-to-mountain span;
              II.          crossing the hot and hard-packed sands in desert area;
            III.          Soft-soiled flood plains territory.

What Specification Should Consider for ERS Tower?

Following specification should be considered for selecting emergency restoration system (ERS) tower:
                           i.          the column sections workability of ERS;
                         ii.          the foundations for erection ERS;
                       iii.          the articulating gimbal joint of ERS tower;
                       iv.          the guy wire specification;
                         v.          the guy wire accessories;
                       vi.          the insulators;
                      vii.          the anchors to balance the load;
                    viii.          the guy plates to take sufficient tension;
                       ix.          the conductor hardware;
                         x.          Construction tools;
                       xi.          other spare parts;
                      xii.          computer software and trained personnel.

What Standard Should Follow for ERS Structure?


ERS structure principally uses in emergency situation. So, product quality considering safety must be as the highest prioritized. Marinating international standard- there is “IEEE Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components”, including earlier or later versions. Strict conformance of IEEE 1070-2006 includes testing requirements, material requirements, fabrication requirements, and all other geometric and dimensional requirements listed in the IEEE 1070 standard, without exception.  The manufacturer shall submit with his proposal, a certified copy of the Design Test Report as required in Section 4 of IEEE Standard 1070-2006.

Feature Components of ERS Structure

ERS structure need to contain following feature components to make it easy and simplified various configuration to comply in emergency system restoration:
a.     light-weight to allow for manual transportation;
b.    different configurations;
c.     Comply with IEEE Standard 1070-2006, “IEEE Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components”;
d.    minimizing the number of guy wires used to be;
e.     welding comply with Section 3 of IEEE Standard 1070;
f.      Testing comply with the IEEE Standard 1070-2006 “IEEE Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components”;
g.     size and diameter of threaded fastener comply with in IEEE Standard 1070;
h.    All used ferrous materials must be galvanized complying with standard ASTM A153;
i.       All Column sections must comply with IEEE Standard 1070;    
j.      All column section must be tested in accordance with Section 5.1 and 5.2 of IEEE Standard 1070;
k.     All Foundation Plates, Gimbal Joint, Guy Plates, Box Sections, Insulators must be made in accordance with IEEE Standard 1070.

Listed Tools for Installation ERS Tower


A number of hydraulic tools and hand tools are required to assemble and erection ERStower:
A.   Anchor Installation Tools
                           i.          gasoline hydraulic power unit;
                         ii.          hydraulic driving hammer;
                       iii.          hydraulic rotary hammer;
                       iv.          hydraulic proof testing unit;
                         v.          hydraulic hoses, rock drill bits and torque installation tools, etc.
B.   Construction Tools
                           i.          snatch blocks and rigging ropes;
                         ii.          A ½ ton hydraulic capstan winch with foot pedals;
                       iii.          high-quality 2-ton Tractel Tirfor-style grip hoists;
                       iv.          reversible ratchet;
                         v.          six (6) to three (3) ton reversible chain hoists;
                       vi.          pulling eyes;
                      vii.          automatic wire grips;
                    viii.          double loop 6x37 steel wire rope slings;
                       ix.          self-contained 6 ton hydraulic wire cutter;
                         x.          foundation stakes;
                       xi.          aluminum conductor lifting hooks, etc.

Testing and Commissioning:

After installation must carry out the field testing and commissioning before going to operation. This test may include visual, equipment oriented or even software base computerization.
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