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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How to Promote Your Gojek Clone App Business by Using Social Channels?

Gojek Clone App Business

People discover new apps through word of mouth from friends, family, and colleagues. Besides, social media plays a salient role in attracting new users. How many times did you come across an ad about a newly launched app on Instagram and swiped up the “Learn More” button? Quite a few times, right? Be it an Uber ad or a local Grocery Store ad, social media platforms like  Instagram and Facebook have innumerable ways to promote it apart from just advertisements. In this blog, we will learn about how you can promote your multi-service Gojek Clone App on social media channels.

So, without wasting a single minute, let’s see how you can promote your on-demand multi-service app with social media channels.


These are 5 effective ways for mobile app promotion on social media:

  1. Use paid ads
  2. Promote your best reviews
  3. Leverage the social media algorithms
  4. Make relevant content for a specific platform
  5. Use proper #Hashtags

Popular Social Media Platforms to Promote Gojek Clone


Popular Social Media Platforms
Source: Datareportal

According to a study by Hootsuite, the most popular social media channels (as of Jan 2022) are WhatsApp, followed by Instagram and Facebook.


There are several social media platforms relevant for app promotions. Depending on the country you are established in, you can use the most popular platform and attract a huge audience base. Mentioned here are some of the most popular social media channels, suitable for GojekClone App promotions.

Facebook (Meta)

Facebook (Meta)
Source: Facebook


About 15% of Facebook users use this platform to fetch and shop for a product they need. Therefore, you have a better chance to scale visibility.



Source: Jessbahr.com

According to Hootsuite, 44% of users use Instagram to shop for something weekly. The number itself shows that Instagram is a popular choice for users to shop and explore stuff that makes their life easier, such as your on-demand multi-service app.



Source: Wordstream

LinkedIn is yet another social media channel for your Gojek Clone App promotions. All you have to do is create engaging content.


YouTube is the second most popular and largest search engine after Google. An engaging video that performs well on YouTube can help you rank at the top of this social media channel.



According to research by Twitter, 60% of Twitter followers of small to medium businesses have purchased through the platform. In short, increasing your followers on Twitter will empower you to generate more sales.

Source: Business Insider

Promote your Gojek Clone App on Social Media Channels

Read through the following ways if you want to effortlessly promote your multi-service app on social media channels. 

Use paid ads

Use paid or sponsored ads to reach an interested audience on social media. According to Google, about 49% of mobile app downloads happen because of ads on social media. It is one of the best ways to increase your visibility and convert more users to customers.

Promote your best reviews

Promoting your best reviews on the channel will help you to gain more audience. Google says that ratings and reviews play the biggest role in convincing people to download a mobile app.

Leverage the social media algorithms

An algorithm is a buzzword for social media users. Although it is an important concept, people fail to understand it. Here’s how the following algorithms impact your Gojek Clone App promotions.

  • Helps you engage with more people.
  • Using relevant keywords can get you on top.
  • Algorithms track the interest of the followers and show them relevant content.
  • Helps you understand when and what you should post on the platforms.

Make relevant content for a specific platform!

It is vital to create relevant content according to the social media platform. Here’s a list that can help you to create the right content formats according to the platform.

  • Facebook: Photos and videos
  • Instagram: Photos, short videos, stories, quotes
  • Twitter: Blog posts, GIFs, news
  • LinkedIn: Company news, technical content, jobs.

Use proper #Hashtags

Hashtags are used to indicate a follower or the platform algorithm of the specific theme or category of your content. This is one of the most important components to intrigue the algorithms and enhances your content visibility. 

In conclusion:

On the whole, promoting the on-demand multi-service Gojek Clone App through numerous platforms will allow you to gather a larger audience base. The more audience you have, the better sales you will make. And ultimately, the more profits you will earn.

So, start promoting your on-demand app on the eight social media platforms.


Meta Title:  How to Promote Your Gojek Clone App Business by Using Social Channels

Meta Description: Social media is at marketing’s core. From multi-service apps to OTT platforms, everyone is selling heavily on social media. Let’s learn how you can promote the Gojek Clone app online.

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