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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Extending Time Completion for an Underground Cable Transmission Line Project

Project Management Manual
Project Management

We wish to bring your kind attention that the contractual completion time under the subjected contract is five hundred forty (540) days from the effective date. But the progress of the work has been unduly delayed to the reasons beyond our control and not attributable to us, and would not be completed within the above mentioned time. Your kind consideration, we requested before for extending time completion in our memo no.-/Lot-2/07-11-13, dated on 18- November-2013 (copy enclosed).

There were confident events as specified herein which caused delayed us to complete the work within the contractual time.

The followings are the causes of delay in execution of the work under the contract:

01. Rampura – Madartek 132kV line route changed: 

Initially 132kV UG cable line route for Madartek substation was designed and approved from Maniknagar substation. As per approved design, we brought cable from Korea and took necessary step to execute the work. But just before start the cable pulling work, DPDC authority took decision to change route line from Rampura to Madartek substation which takes additional 4 month for new survey, design and getting approval. Due to change and new estimated 132kV Rampura-Madartek route line, the contract Time for Completion, Estimated Cost & Facilities are changed which is re-considerable as per GCC sub-clause 39.2.

02. Canal Crossing for Rampura 132KV line:  

There was no any canal crossing included in previous 132kV UG cable route line, but in changed Rampura to Madartek line there need to cross about 60m wide canal. It takes additional time to survey, design, estimate and getting approval. It is notable that canal crossing is possible only in dry season and 3 month obligatory additional time required particular for this job.

 03Madartek Substation is not ready:  

Madartek substation is not ready yet to cable pulling and termination. We paid DCC road cutting compensation for Rampura-Madartek line and started cable laying work as per schedule.   But due to substation not ready and getting better progress we did complete 5 span cable pulling within July 2013 and left 1st span from Madartek substation. Substation inside civil work, cable trench, termination point is not ready. Moreover inside substation cable route line is blocked with semi-paka building, lot of cable drum, heavy metallic garbage which not removed in time however we request several times.


04. Rampura Substation Bay is not Ready: 

Bay extension at Rampura substation for 132kV cable termination is not completed yet. Bay extension and inside substation route line with entry into substation also need to locate for cable pulling.

05. Lalbagh OH tower & Substation is not ready: 

Termination tower for Lalbagh OH line and substation is not completed. Civil work, cable trench, termination point is not ready yet. Cable route line inside substation is not free for work, blocked with semi-paka building, existing contractor, metallic and wooden garbage which is requested to remove and free the area. We completed 33kV cable laying work in March 2013 for Lalbagh to Mitford link, but termination and energizing is pending due to substation is not ready.

06. Agargaon Substation is not ready: 

Sher e Banglanagar to Agargaon 33kV UG cable line laying and jointing work is almost completed, but Agargaon substation is not ready to cable termination and energizing.

07.  DCC & PWD road cutting obligation: 

There is seasonal obligation in DCC & PWD area for road cutting in rainy season from July to October. We got road cutting permission for Sher e Banglanagar to Agargaon and Rampura 132kV canal crossing for after rainy season.

08.  Unavoidable Circumstances: 

Carrying materials and moving working personnel to site during countrywide continuous hartal /strike is very much difficult and unsafe. Especially heavy cable drum, cable protecting slab, back-filling sand is need to carry from outside the city, truck and crane are not available during hartal time.

We expect that above the matter will cause the delay of completion the work by the contract time. Hereby, mentioned that we have paid obligatory and unavoidable 7 month for 132kV route line change & canal crossing work, otherwise all work was possible to complete before contractual time, because about 80% work completed within July 2013.

According to clauses GCC 39.2 & 40, we herewith submit to you a notice of claim for time extension for additional six (6) months for completion of contractual works without imposing any Liquidate Damage.

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