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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Phantom Loads Are Costing You an Extra Electric Bill

The Source of Phantom Energy
Cost Cut by Phantom Energy
Did you ever think, how much extra electric bill you are paying for Phantom loads? May not! but you will find it remarkable after reading this article.

What is Phantom Load?

Phantom load is standby load or standby power, Phantom load is also known as Vampire Power, Vampire draw, ghost load or leaking electricity. Phantom or Vampire power is the electricity consumption of any electrical equipment when it is kept in standby mode.

In our modern life, we use in our every house hues electronic devices like -
Computers/ Laptops
Cell Phones
VCRs, DVD players and DVRs
Battery operated many other devices
Clock Radios
Microwave Ovens
Power strips
Emergency lights
Charger Fans
Answering machines
Any device with a remote control
washing Machines
Any device with a clock
Water Cooler/ heater
Air Freshener
Any device that is programmable
Any device with a power light or standby indicator light, & many more.

These useless energy draws are known as phantom loads. The energy wasted over time due to phantom loads can be substantial. Identifying and eliminating phantom loads will lower your home energy use, save you money over time, and help lower your carbon footprint.

How Eliminate Phantom Load Costing From Your Monthly Electric Bill?

Using simple and easy tricks, you can identify your energy stealer and reduce your Phantom or Vampire electric load.

  1. First of all, identify the prime sources of phantom loads that steal your energy and increase your month-end electric bill; then act to eliminate Vampire loads.
  2. Unplug all the Phantom loaded devices like- cell phones, cameras and any other chargers as soon as the battery is fully charged.
  3. Use smart strips or power bars to plug all your electronic devices like TV, DVD, Computer or Laptop, Cell Phone charger etc. that will be automatically turn off when you switch off the power bar.
  4. Similar devices like Computer or Laptop, using sleep mode rather screen saver Phantom Power may reduce.
  5. Energy Star labelled electronic devices use about 50% less energy than less-efficient models, so buying electronic appliances with energy star labels may reduce Vampire load.
To prevent phantom load finally we can say turn off the device by switching off the switch or removing the cable from the power plug.
To know more about energy saving techniques in detail about different kinds of loads, you better read the full article: 

Advantages of Phantom Load

We cannot treat the Phantom or Standby power negatively, usually, we are getting many advantages from Phantom Power.
  1. Consuming Phantom Power is keeping the device alive, it is always not an entertainment device, maybe life-supporting or any emergency appliances.
  2. The Standby Power supply may use some extra energy but shows the device is energized.
  3. Using some extra power devices turn on very quickly and easily from the remote control area.
  4. Using Phantom power it keeps the clock alieves for the system.
  5. Using some Phantom Power it makes ensure the emergency charging equipment is fully charged and ready, etc. 

How Calculate Your Phantom Load?

We actually don’t know any standard to calculate Phantom Power but can estimate how much is consuming our appliances as Phantom Load, depending on the connected load it may not excite 70 to 90 watts. Phantom load depends on different brands of devices. Just to gauge about Vampire Phantom load calculation consider as below:

A television set may draw up to 40 watts;
A DVR unit may draw as much as 30 watts;
A laptop computer in sleep mode draw up to 50 watts;

In conclusion, we can say by eliminating Vampire Power phantom loads in the home and office, we can save up to 10% on our energy bills.

Who Will Give Perfect Advice in Bangladesh to Reduce Phantom or Vampire Power?

The main power utility company and agency list in Bangladesh is as below:

  1. BERC (Bangladesh Power Regulatory Commission)
  2. BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board)
  3. APSCL ( Ashuganj Power Station Company Limited)
  4. EGCB (Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh)
  5. NWPGCL (North-West Power Generation Company Limited)
  6. IPP (Independent Power Producer)
  7. RPCL (Rural Power Company Limited)
  8. PGCB (Power Grid Company of Bangladesh)
  9. DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company Ltd)
  10. DESCO (Dhaka Power Supply Company Ltd)
  11. WZPDCL (West Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd)
  12. SZPDCL (South Zone Power Distribution Company Ltd)
  13. REB (Rural Electrification Board)
  14. PBS ( Palli Bidyut Samity)

The above-listed utility companies and agencies are the main energy distribution and transmission companies in Bangladesh. They have a separate one-stop service desk to educate and learn the consumers.  Utility company educate their users to reduce the electricity uses like Phantom or Vampire Power and energy saving trips in daily use. You may find the best solution to reduce the Phantom loads and electric bill.


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