MSDS-Material Safety Data Sheets

Hazardous Chemical Materials Handling and Storage Following near MSDS

The purpose of this article on hazardous chemical materials handling and storage procedure following the instruction mentioned in MSDS of particular material is to develop safety awareness of the employee who engaged using, handling, storing, disposing, loading-unloading, identifying & controlling the hazardous chemical materials.

This directive contains the important tips and instruction to handle various hazardous and toxic chemical materials, make sure availability and following their safety instruction MSDS- Material Safety Data Sheets, source of some common web address for MSDS and intensity & importancy of hazard assessment and take safety measure before handling the chemical materials.

Identification Label for Hazardous ChemicalMaterials

Without name and label, chemical materials are very puzzling to identify its nature of reaction and hazardous unlike others materials. To avoid chemical materials accidental mistake identification label with most common name tagging of each container of hazardous chemical must be ensure. Also MSDS number of particular chemical should appeared on the same tag. All rack and container marked by glowing visible label in chemical store.

Storage of Hazardous Chemical Materials:

The chemical materials store must be separated from the other materials store. This isolated chemical store must be comply with well air ventilated, enough lighted and air conditioned space. All chemical be placed on rack in a group wise and each group are identified by clear visible marking. One set of MSDS should be kept in store room in separate rack or cupboard.

Tips and Tricks to Handle Dangerous Chemical


Here are some important tips and tricks to the employee who are engaged with hazardous chemical materials handling and using. Continuous education can help to prevent accidental mistake in industry, so use the following lesson regularly:

·         Hazard data sheet shall be available for all chemicals;
·         Chemicals shall be properly stored in protected, secure areas, away from other materials. The areas must be suitably marked to show they contain hazardous chemicals;
·         All toxic substances shall have their characteristics, type of hazard and first aid action clearly displayed on the container label;
·         All personnel handling such chemicals shall be:

          I.          Fully instructed in the hazards and emergency action;
        II.        Equipped with appropriate protective clothing, bots, chemical suits, gloves, eye protection, respiratory protection, as necessary;
       III.       Chemicals which have a dangerous interaction shall not be stored close together such as acids and solvents;
·         Gases or chemicals that give off vapor shall be stored well ventilated buildings, In case of toxic vapors or gases, appropriate respiratory protection shall be immediately available;
·         Suitable safety showers and eye wash facilities shall be available where there are acidic or caustic chemicals;
·         There shall be no smoking or sources of ignition in chemical storage areas;
·         In case of spillage or leaks of dangerous chemicals the area shall be cordoned off and the safety Department notified.

MSDS in Internet

MSDS is a piece of document provided by chemical producer for their product to user as international standard safety instruction. MSDS is very essential to make available to hazardous chemical materials user, disposer, handler, identifier and controller. These days like other information millions of MSDS are accessible in internet. Here is some important web address where MSDS and related toxic & hazardous information available.

Everyone needs an assessment to determine if a hazardous material handling, storage, disposal, identify and control Procedure program and policy, employee rights as per international and local code and contact. 


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