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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

What is the Meaning of XLPE for Power Cable?

What Is XLPE or Cross Linked Polyethylene?

In straight, the meaning of XLPE is cross-linked polyethylene. Cross-linked polyethylene is widely used as electrical insulation in power cables. Especially for medium to High and Extra-high Voltage power cable recently using XLPE insulation. Actually XLPE is the most common polymeric insulation material.

Generally Low Voltage- 11 kV and below cable system use PVC and medium to high and extra-high voltage- 33kv and above uses XLPE as their insulation.

Main Feature of XLPE and PVC Insulation Cable

PVC insulated Cable can work at maximum 70 Centigrade temperature, where XLPE insulated Cable can works at 90 Centigrade.

During short circuit condition around three second (3 sec) PVC insulated Cable can last up to at 160 Centigrade where XLPE insulated Cable up to 250 Centigrade.

Usually service life of XLPE insulated cable is longer than PVC insulated cable.

XLPE insulated Cable is more environment friendly than PVC insulated Cable because XLPE is not containing chlorine which will release toxic gases at burning time.

PVC insulated cable is better to prevent penetrated environment like water proof performance than the XLPE insulated cable.

XLPE insulated cable usually little costlier than PVC insulated cable.

Electrical Properties of XLPE

The study functioning on black concentration and temperature in heating-cooling cycles found that

Fine black- the resistivity and PTC (positive temperature coefficient) effect did not significantly change, whereas coarse black-  effect of crosslinking‐was to significantly increase the resistivity and reduce the PTC effect.

The main advantages of XLPE is good electrical re-productivity and to practically eliminate the NTC -negative temperature coefficient effect.


More properties about XLPE

Density (g/cm3) 0.93
Surface Hardness              SD58
Tensile Strength (MPa)    18
Flexural Modulus (GPa)   0.6
Notched Izod (kJ/m)        1.06+
Linear Expansion  (/°C x 10-5)       20
Elongation at Break (%)  350
Strain at Yield (%)             N/Y
Max. Operating Temp. (°C)            90
Water Absorption (%)      0.01
Oxygen Index (%)              17
Flammability UL94           HB
Volume Resistivity (log ohm.cm)  16
Dielectric Strength (MV/m)           21
Dissipation Factor 1kHz   0.0004
Dielectric Constant  1kHz               2.2
HDT @ 0.45 MPa (°C)       60
HDT @ 1.80 MPa (°C)       60
Material. Drying  hrs @ (°C)       NA
Melting Temp. Range (°C)    150 - 170
Mould Shrinkage (%)        3

Mould Temp. Range (°C) 20 -  80


  1. What is the afvantages to use XLPE cable ?

  2. As we kmow the main feature of XLPE is sofare is as belo:

    XLPE or Cross-linked polyethylene is a thermoset insulation material. XLPE increases the temperature range of the insulation whilst maintaining the electrical properties. Improved water-tree resistance is another benefit of XLPE insulation for LV.

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