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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Electric Actuator RA-300 User Manual and Specification

Specification and User Manual for Electric Actuator R-300

The RA-3000 series synchronous motor-driven reversible actuators are generally available for 3-point (floating) or with electric positioned for 0…10 V control.

You will get feature factory-calibrated pressure switches to provide specified close-off ratings.

The RA-3000 series actuators are available in three sizes 1600 N, 1800 N, and with 3000 N nominal force and can be used with JC-fanged valves according to the maximum close-off pressure ratings specified.

Factory fitted options, such as 2kW feedback potential-meter, auxiliary switches, and hand crank are available.

Wiring instructions and Mounting instructions

When mounting the actuator on a valve, you should follow the mounting and wiring instructions to get the optimized and safe operation.

For more details on the wiring schematic diagram and full operation and controlling manual or user guide downloading, you may find a pdf copy from the link below;

RA-3000: Electric Actuator


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