How Does Condenser Fan Speed Controller Work?

What Is Condenser Fan?

A condenser fan in HVAC system is part of a heat pump or central air conditioning system that circulates air across the system's condenser coil to increase the transfer of heat. Generally you will find some condenser fan motors in sealed bearings, where others are lubrication system. In either case, though, fan functionality is vital.

If the condenser fan isn't working, the device fail to cool anything.In an air conditioning system, the condenser fan's role is really best explained by this simple fact.

 To minimize the repairing hassle during breakdown, it's a good idea to check the fan motor to make sure the fan is still functioning preferably and less probability to go unwanted breakdown in early spring. 

To ensure that shut down the entire condensing unit at the electrical disconnect box and do a test setting the thermostat to cool, and then restore power. Observe and be sure the fan is turning and blowing a sufficient flow of air. If the device is not alive to cooling perfectly, the fan will not work.

VFD66 Series Condenser Fan Speed Controls

In cooling system condenser fan speed will be controlled automatically as per user temperature setting. VFD speed controller works a vital roles to control the condenser fan speed. The VFD Condenser Fan Speed Controls regulate the speed of 3-phase condenser fan motors in HVAC system by varying the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the motor. 

The VFD control accepts an input signal from the Electronic Pressure Transducer, the pressure or temperature controls, or any other device that provides a 0-5 V DC or 0-10 V DC analog output signal. The application-specific design of the VFD control provides a simple interface, which makes the control easy to understand and operate.


VFD66 Series Condenser Fan Speed Controls

To work in your working station you may need the full schematic wiring diagram for troubleshooting any malfunction. You can find the download link for VFD66 Series Condenser Fan Speed Controls in below:


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