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Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Specification of Substation Equipment for Bangladesh Public Work Department Requirement

Public Work Department Requirement
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If you want to work as a contractor, consultant, or supplier in Bangladesh's public work department, you must follow the requirement of PWD- public work department instructions and requirements. PWD publish its revised rate schedule with the necessary requirement from time to time coordinating the others utility department.

Consumer end substation equipment Condition and standard

General Specifications
Climatic Conditions
Operating Conditions
Standard Data
Operating Frequency

Consumer end 11kV/0.4kV substation specification and requirement will be as follow:

General Specifications

The specification for the parts of this contract mentioned below cover design, manufacture, assembly, and testing at the contractor's workshop as well as the supply, delivery, installation, testing, and commissioning of the sub-station equipment at the site.

Climatic Conditions

The climate is tropical and has a marked Monsoon character with seasonal changes from the humid, warm, rainy season, summers to cool and dry winters. Maximum temperature occurs during the period from April to May reaching approximately 43oC (110oF) with a relative air humidity of 60% to 70%.

The annual mean temperature is approximately 29oC (84oF). During the rainy monsoon month from June to September, the average relative air humidity is 80% and reaches extreme values up to saturation point during longer periods, the annual rainfall, most of which occurs from June to September is 2000mm to 2500mm.

Operating Conditions

The sub-station equipment will be connected to the 11KV, 3-phase, 50 Hz Bus of Power Development Board (PDB) / REB / DPDC / DESCO & other power distribution companies of Bangladesh.


All equipment and materials must be in conformity with the most recent relevant Bangladeshi laws, standard rules, and regulations. Particular attention is to be paid to the Electrical Act 1910 and Electricity Rules 1937 (as amended in 1946). All equipment and materials to be supplied, which required any form of approval by the Bangladesh Government or a local authority like BPDB / DPDC / DESCO / BREB or equivalent must satisfactorily pass all inspection and test procedures imposed by them.

Otherwise, all the equipment and materials must be in conformity with the most recent international rules, regulations, standards, and recommendations: IEC

Details standards are also available in other episodes:

01. XLPE Cable System Standards That Manufacturers Followed

02.  Basic Colour Code for Electrical Cable and Power Cable 

Standard Data

The following standard values for high and low voltage are standard in Bangladesh.

Distribution bus high voltage: I11 kV. Maximum system voltage l2 kV.
Low voltage: 415 /240V local voltage
400 / 23o-opening voltage
457V -Maximum permissible
Voltage by PDB/ DPDC / DESCO / REB.

Operating Frequency

The standard power frequency in Bangladesh will be 50 Hz.

How get details information

You may get the details in the latest PWD schedule. An online pdf version is available on the department website as free downloadable. Also, printed versions are available in the market to purchase for all. It is actually known as a PWD rate schedule where necessary rudiments, specifications, and standards are also included.

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