WAZIPOINT Engineering Science & Technology: Wiring Schematic Diagram for Screw Air-Cooled Carrier Chiller

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Wiring Schematic Diagram for Screw Air-Cooled Carrier Chiller

Wiring Schematic Line Diagram for Screw Air-Cooled Chiller

Though in new installation or during maintenance the wiring diagram book for carrier chillers is very essential. Considering the screw carrier chiller you will find the full schematic wiring diagram for air-cooled series-6 chiller. The model number is 30GXN, R sizes 080-528, with comfort link. This wiring guide contains the air-cooled packages screw liquid chillers. It will provide the carrier standard legend for wiring labels.

You also download the 40 pages pdf format copy of schematic wiring diagram from the link below:

You may download the full operation, maintenance and troubleshooting manual for air and water cooled screw carrier chiller from link below:

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