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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Condenser of Centrifugal Water Chiller

Condenser of Centrifugal Water Chiller
Cooling Water Flowing Diagram for Centrifugal Water Chiller

Condenser of Centrifugal Water Chiller

The high-pressure refrigerant vapor is discharged from the compressor into a heat exchanger that acts as a condenser. 

In a water-cooled condenser, water is pumped through the tubes of the shell and-tube heat exchanger while refrigerant vapor fills the shell space surrounding the tube bundle. 

A baffle inside the condenser helps distribute the refrigerant evenly. As heat transfers from the hot, high-pressure refrigerant Vapor to the water, refrigerant condenses on the tube surfaces. 

Cooling water flows first through the lower tubes and then through the upper tubes. 

This produces a nearly constant temperature difference between the downward-moving refrigerant and the tube surfaces, resulting in a uniform heat transfer rate within the tube bundle. 

Condensed liquid refrigerant collects in the bottom of the shell and flows through the liquid line to the expansion devices and economizer.


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