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How Increase Your Blog Traffic to Build a Long Visitors List Easily and Keep It There

It’s seems rude to say, but reality is that there is no easy or shortcut way to get more visitors or traffic for a new blog. If you search in online relating to your desire more traffic in your blog, you will get huge post about it. But, immediately you will realize that most of these for increasing traffic on their own blog, not for you.

We are not saying it’s not helpful for you, of course it’s helpful and you could able to realize after reading each dedicated post  how hard time need to pay behind a blog to increase blog traffic.

Don’t be hopeless any beginner blogger, we want to inform you that high page ranked blog having millions monthly visitors didn’t create overnight and of course they passed lots of struggling, testing, failing and hard working.

Today we are here on this blog post, just show the basic way to the new blogger, how increase blog traffic and earn more visitors simply organizing their blog, also keeping visitors coming return again and again there.

What Is the King Rules to Increase Traffic and Hold Blog Visitors    

Yes, you are a blogger; you are the king, you should play the King Rule to increase your blog traffic and hold visitors on it. The main core rules should be delivery good contents. If you have no enough informatics blog contents, others blog promoting tips will go to just drain and visitors will not come back. So, put effort into quality contents in your blog from the beginning.

The second most important King Rule is to mind setting on targeted audience, who will visit and read your contents; then it will easy to paying less time and reaching more visitors within a short time. Little easy way we can say, think for a moment yourself as a lollipop vendor, your set target is to sell 100 pcs lollipop a day and if you visit 1oo women aged over 60, what will be your sell expectation? But, if you visit 100 babies aged under 7 years!

Of course you realized the second audience is the right place for your business. So, it’s important to think, what are you writing is and what are you writing for?

Why Blog Traffic not Increasing and New Visitors not attracting in Your Blog

You may be writing improved and good enough contents for your targeted audiences, but you are seeing your blog traffic not increasing and new visitors are not attracting in your blog post as your expectation.

Yes, you have written an impressive blog post on a hot trending topic for targeted large audiences paying couples of research and writing hours. But unfortunately, waiting a few days you are not getting enough blog visitors.

This case not only for you, most of the new blogger faces this problem just because of ignoring or lack knowing some blogging rules which technically known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules.

Visitors may be searching for some information what you already wrote and published in your blog, but visitor cannot finding you and you cannot reaching to visitors. To make easy this match making work, you need to follow some rules to optimize your blog contents for search engine.

There are no limited rules to optimize your blog for search engine, here we want to show you few common ways to attract more traffic to a blog and we believe these basic SEO rules headed you to understand the vast blog optimization.

Blog Contents Optimizing for the Search Engine and Visitors


Please be noted both, blog contents optimizing for search engine and visitors too. You can effortlessly attract your maximum blog visitors just organizing your initial blog design promptly. This can be done by easy finding categories of blog post using levels, archives etc.

To optimize the search engine for finding and presenting your blog post to maximum visitors, you need to follow some technique during write the blog post.  First of all you need to find out the keyword and keyword phrases of your post contents, then you should use these keyword and keywords phrases everywhere in blog post- article heading, page title, page URL, page sub-title, post contents and Meta description.

We can make little bit clear following this example: say you wish to write an article on Cat for Cat Lover; here cat is your keyword and related keyword phrases are cat lover, pussy cat, fat cat, lazy cat, smart cat, so on so.

So, you need to introduce the search engine about the subject of your article in key places like- heading, sub-heading, URL address and body of the article.

Please remember this, search engine is supper fast for all, but very lazy for your blog post reading, it will not pay time to read thoroughly your words every time to search. It will just scan over the title, headings and sub-heading to search your contents. So, you must put your keywords smartly at right places.

Ensure the Blog Indexed in Major Search Engine and Works Properly

You may writing good contents blog defining your targeted audiences and publishing blog post regularly. But if your blog not working properly, visitors will not stay on your blog, they will not come back again and again.

 Getting quick traffic hit you need to submit your site to index in some popular search engine like- Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Bing, AOL etc. Just search in Google writing site URL submitting, you will get lots of free site URL submitting sites, some are individual and some are grouped where you can submit your site URL in multiple search engine at a time.

All major search engines provide dedicated link sites for free to submit site URL. Also using Google webmaster tools, Bingwebmaster tools, you can submit your individual blog post to search engine for indexing what give you post index within a few minutes, where as it need even a few days to post indexing.

So, to get increased blog traffic and post visitors quickly ensure the blog indexed in major search engine and working properly.

Share Contents on Social Media


Earning more visitors adverting for your blog is a vital point, to increase traffic list advertise and advertise then advertise!!

Free advertising and paid advertising both are available on social media, you can grow free advertising just get a profile set up on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln, Pinterest, Tumbler, and so many social platform. Paid advertising like- Google Adwords, Facebookads, others blogs or websites are available for advertising.

Most important note is that social media platform like Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc cannot send visitors directly to you, but millions of people visiting these sites every day, presenting your site on these large places you can attract many visitors easily.

Here are some common tips to earn visitors and increase traffic for your site:

  • Sign up for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Pinterest with your blog or brand name; such as, if your blog domain or name is wazipoint.blogspot.com then you should set up your social media account named wazipoint;
  • Link-up your blog with as much as your social media account. You can add some social buttons in your blog posts and pages;
  • Connect your blog with other web profiles when uploading your contents in YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa etc;
  • Use Google+ auto share, when you are publishing your blog, it will automatically share in your Google+ Profile or page;
  • Make your blog to searchable by Blogger using setting tools optimization;
  • Keep speedy conversations with other blogs, sites and social forums; also can participate in Q+A sites where lots of people asked question every day and popular sites like YahooAnswers provides answer;
  • Using email signature you can promote your blog;
  • Consider the geography, time and language; you are publishing for visitors in which geographical zone, what is their peak time and speaking language of your audiences;
  • Keep easy option to enable email subscriptions that will help to come visitors back;
  • Comment and interact with other sites and blogs, it’s great way to achieve a lot for beginner’s blog;
  • Keep your contents fresh and good design, then participate in many more social sharing communities with a relevant contents;
  • Install Google Analytics to research and monitor your blog, then you can pay your right attention in right places;
  • Check Page Rank and SEO analysis, then take corrective action if require. You can use Woorank free SEO tools.

Actually there is no limited tips list that improve your blog, increase blog traffic and post visitors. Remember final piece of tips is blog contents should be informatics then visitors will come organically.

Happy Blogging!


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