Grounding, Earthing and Protection Against Lightning Procedure as Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code

What says about Grounding , Eatrhing and Protection against Lightning on Bangladesh Electricity Code?

Everyond Should Follow the Electrical Safety Code to Keep Electricity Safe for Everywhere
If you not follow the electricity safety code it's may danger anytime
As per Annex G-04 Section 6 ERQ Distribution Code, the ELECTRICITY DISTRIBUTION CODE (UPDATED DRAFT) on November, 2012, Chapter 14 OVERHEAD LINES, UNDER GROUND CABLES AND GENERATING STATIONS, Clouse 15, 17 & 19 descrived about Grounding, Earthing and Protection against Lightning  respectively.

Let's see the the detail step by step:

Guarding as per Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code

  1. Where guarding is required under these clauses the provisions of 15(2) to (4) shall apply. 
  2. Every guard-wire shall be connected with earth at each point at which its electrical continuity is broken. 
  3. Every guard-wire shall have an actual breaking strength of not less than 635 kg and if made of iron or steel, shall be galvanized. 
  4. Every guard-wire or cross-connected systems of guard-wires shall have sufficient current-carrying capacity to ensure the rendering dead, without risk of fusing of the guard-wire or wires till the contact of any live wire has been removed. 
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Earthing as per Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code

  1. All metal supports and all reinforced and pre-stressed cement concrete supports of overhead lines and metallic fittings attached thereto, shall be permanently and efficiently earthed. For this purpose, a continuous earth wire shall be provided and securely fastened to each pole and connected with earth ordinarily at three points in every km, the spacing between the points being as nearly equidistance as possible. Alternatively, each support and the metallic fitting attached thereto shall be efficiently earthed. 
  2. Metallic bearer wire used for supporting insulated wire of low voltage overhead service lines shall be efficiently earthed or insulated. (3 Each stay-wire shall be similarly earthed unless insulator has been placed in it at a height not less than 3.0 meters from the ground. 

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Protection against lightning as per Bangladesh Electricity Distribution Code

  1. The owner of every overhead line, substation or generating station which is so exposed as to be liable to injury from lightning shall adopted efficient means for diverting to earth any electrical surges due to lightning. 
  2. The earthing lead for any lightning arrestor shall not pass through any iron or steel pipe, but shall be taken as directly as possible from the lightning-arrestor to a separate earth electrode and/or junction of the earth mat already provided for the high and extra high voltage substation subject to the avoidance of bends wherever practicable.  Note-A vertical ground electrode shall be connected to this junction of the earth mat. 
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