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Monday, August 26, 2019

Electrical Safety Checklist in an Emergency

Electrical Safety Checklist in an Emergency

Keep Your Electrical Safety Checklist Update Everyday

We rely on power supply to run our homes and offices every day, in farther bulk electrical energy used in industries. However, it is very important to ensure safety whatever it used around electrical materials, appliances, and power lines. Do not wait to any safety month or day, just ensure your safe electricity every day every moment. Electricity is your good helping friend, as well as it is a great killer for your life or property- if you make a single mistake to keep it in safe. We everyone should know how to avoid a potential electrical hazard by taking simple measures. Following are a few steps you can take to easily avoid electrical fatalities, injuries, shocks, and property loss.

Thinks to keep in Mind for an electrical emergency:

Electrical Fire 
Electrical fires mainly occurred due to overlooked overloading the circuits, faulty or exposed wiring, most of time old wiring and its cable and controlling devices like switches, breakers etc. when unprotected wiring materials being near to some flammable materials then fire happened during short circuit or any flash over. In case of an electrical fire, follow these 4 steps:

Cut the Power Supply
When you noticed about electrical fire, very first thing to do in case of an electrical fire is to cut the power supply at the source flipping the main or main-brunch switch on your home’s circuit breaker box and cut the supply. This will stop the fire on time and reduce the risk of shocks if you are trying to put out the fire.

Use a Fire Extinguisher to Put Out the Fire
In case of an electrical fire, you should only be using a fire extinguisher that is rated Class-C. If the power supply has been cut, you can use a water-based fire extinguisher which is Class A. Continue dispersing the chemical until the fire has been put out completely.

Most of old buildings are old electrical wiring methods is known as “knob and tube” wiring that becomes one of the significant fire hazard or electrical fires when it’s altered, chewed by rodents.

Comparing old type’s appliances, the modern equipment and appliances consumed more energy that turned the old electrical wire and circuit breaker under sized.  

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Call the Fire Brigade Immediately
If you find any kind of fire that going to out of control immediately call the fire brigade, in case of electrical fires inform electricity authority, they will take action to switch off the source of electricity, inform authorities even after you manage to put it out. Smoldering objects can still catch fire if you were unable to cut the power supply at the source.

Evacuate the Site 
If you cannot control the fire, don’t stay anymore, exit the building as soon as possible and call the local authorities. In case of fire explode and catch your clothes, don’t run, stop, drop, and roll on floor. Always stay close to the ground and avoid exhaling the smoke. In case of stair, better drop down and exit, don’t go up.

Electrical Shocks
When electrical wires are frayed, cords are damaged, or outlets go unchecked, avoid throwing water on electrical fire, don’t touch wires in bare hand, may contact with electricity happens. Following are a few steps to keep in mind so you are prepared to handle an emergency:

Turn off the Power Supply
As soon as you become aware of the electrocution, to turn off the power to all of the branch circuits, switch the main breaker's toggle switch to the OFF position, turn off the power as quickly as you can. And if you are not close to the circuit, try and cut the contact between the electrical source and the person using an insulated item like a wooden rod or a PVC pipe.

Don’t Touch the Person who has received an Electric Shock
If you find someone is in direct contact with electricity, do not touch them under any circumstances, you also be electrified, so try to rescue him calmly staying safe. All homes have an electrical service panel, commonly known as a breaker box or fuse box.

Call Your Local Emergency Service
Call local emergency agent like- 911 or 999 for help in case of an electrical hazard. Meanwhile, if you have received any first aid training, support until reach the emergency rescue team.

Unplug the Appliance Immediately
As soon as a power outage occurs, turn off the branch circuits and the main breaker. This will cut off the power supply to all appliances and electronic devices and ensure electrical safety. The panel receives the incoming power from the electrical utility and distributes the power to the various circuits of the house. Turning off the power at the electrical service panel is the safest way to shut down a circuit before working on it. The service panel also allows you to shut off the power to all of the circuits at once, using the main breaker or main fuse.

Dangling or Fallen Power Lines
Do not think safe or neglect fallen power lines that may pose a serious threat to life and property and so they should be dealt with extreme caution. If you are noticed and closed in proximity to a fallen power line, follow these 3 steps below:

Stay Away from Fallen Wire
A fallen line may be live even if it does not give off sounds, sparks, and lights. To avoid any mishap, maintain a distance of at least 40 feet from the power line. Also check for any metal fences, fallen limbs, puddles or vehicles that could act as conductive materials and pose an electrical hazard.

Don’t Touch Any Object or Tree that is in Contact with the Fallen Power Line
Trees or witty object that are in contact with fallen power lines can be conductive. Even if you are not sure if the power line is live or not, avoid any contact with electrical materials that are touching surrounding it.

Contact the Local Authorities Immediately
If you notice a dangling or downed power line, immediately bring it to the notice of your local power distributor that is in charge of these power lines.

To ensure electrical safety at home, cover all the outlets with surge protectors and install safety switches to monitor the flow of current. Hire an electrician for installations and repairs to prevent electrical hazards.


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