WAZIPOINT Engineering Science & Technology: Design and Construction of Underground Cable Power Transmission Line

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Design and Construction of Underground Cable Power Transmission Line

Cable ampacity is determined according to IEC 60287 together with the method of installation as documented in IEC 60364-5-52.
Maximum Permissible Conductor Temperature
Maximum Permissible Conductor Temperature
Normal Operation: 90oC
Emergency Operation: 105oC
Short Circuit: 250oC

Normal Operation
Normal operation is meant to be maintained through out a given period of time everyday or continuously, without affecting the operation.

Emergency Load
Emergency load is meant to be maintained for a short time under the condition of system breakdown or under the state of excessively loaded operation, without causing a defect.

Short Circuit
Short circuit is meant to cause no defect of the cable when an irregular current, flows for short time due to shorting or earthing.

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