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Saturday, February 1, 2020

How Display Blog Post In Grid View With Thumbnails Photo?

How Display Blog Post In Drid View With Thumbnails Photo

Blogger Posts displaying In Grid View With Thumbnails  

Welcome to the Blog Eazy tutorial today, I will show you how to display Blogger posts in grid view with thumbnails with pictures. Grid View is a script for a blogger blog that will display Blogger blog posts in Grid style with Thumbnails on the homepage and archive pages. This is best for blogs with videos and wallpapers. Before proceeding to the steps for adding a grid view.

If you are running a Wallpaper or Funny Images niche blog, Here is a  for you. In this article, we gonna discuss how you can display blogger posts in grid view with thumbnails. Grid View with Thumbnails is a script for self-hosted Blogger blogs that displays blog posts as a thumbnail grid of images in the homepage and archive pages. 

Normally, your posts are displayed in full length with a large image that takes too much space in your blog and required too much scrolling. 

So, now if you would like to have your blog clean and fast loading then you should try out the gallery grid, with thumbnails and post titles, linking back to the source post. Before you go for the steps of installing this feature to your blog Please check out these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Blogger Theme and click the Edit HTML button.

Step 2: Here we click anywhere in the code and press Ctrl+F and find the </head> tag and paste the code above the </head> tag.

So, happy blogging with displaying a grid view instead of a list view in your blog post.

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