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Sunday, February 19, 2023

What is off-grid Solar System

Using the Off-Grid Solar System and Its Advantages & Disadvantages

If you start doing research about solar systems, then you will know that there are many types of solar systems, out of which you must have heard the name of an off-grid solar system, today we will talk about this off-grid solar system. What happens is there are two types of solar systems other than off-grid.

1. on-grid solar system;
2. Hybrid Solar System.

Off-grid solar system:

An off-grid solar system is a solar system that is equipped with a solar panel as well as a battery and inverter when the solar panel starts to get sunken, the DC power supply comes out of the solar panel and then the inverter sends that DC power The AC converts the power to run all the household appliances, as well as the inverter, keeps charging a large battery (150 AH or 200 AH) in the house which is used at night when The sun goes away completely. In this system, there is no connection to the electric power supply.

The way on-grid solar systems are connected to the electrical supply of the grid, in the same way, off-grid is not done.

Some advantages and disadvantages of off-grid solar systems are:

If you have this solar system sitting in your house, then you can enjoy the power for 24 hours without taking any electricity connection and if you have already taken the electricity connection, then you can reduce its bill to 0 In just 10 to 12 months you can remove your entire cost which you will spend in installing the solar system.

One-time investment and lifetime investment;
24-hour electricity without a power connection


It costs a little bit more;
It is not easy to install a good technician is needed;
The battery in it always has to be maintained.

Now if you want to get a good off-grid solar system, where will you take it from? So for this, we have given the names and links of some such companies from where you can get a good off-grid solar system.

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