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Sunday, November 15, 2020

What is an on-grid solar system?

The On-grid Solar System and Its Advantages & Disadvantages

In this article we will know in detail what is the on-grid solar system, we will understand the theory and definition as well as practical examples very well.

Before telling about the on-grid solar system, it is very important for you to know that apart from the on-grid solar system, there are two more types of solar system such as:

1. On-grid solar system - also known as grid-tie or grid-feed solar system

2. Off-grid solar system - also known as stand-alone power system (SAPS)

3. Hybrid Solar System - Solar Plus Battery Storage with Grid-Connection

Before knowing what is an on-grid solar system, let's see what a solar panel is?

solar panel- Solar panel: Solar panel works to convert noise energy into DC (Direct current) power. And then we convert that DC power into AC (Alternating current) with the help of an inverter. And then connect that AC power to the switchboards that connect all the appliances in our house, also two of the solar panels There are two types:

1. Polycrystalline;
2. Monocrystalline.

on-grid solar-on grid solar system: An on-grid solar system is a solar system in which your solar system is connected to the grid with an electricity supply, due to which a load of your home is loaded if your solar,  If you make more power then it goes into the extra power grid which is deposited in your account, and you can use it whenever you want or you can also sell it to the reverse electricity board. You can understand it even better by looking at the picture given below.

Hopefully, you must have understood to some extent how the on-grid solar system works, now let's understand it through another example of how an on-grid solar system works.

Another example to understand the on-grid solar system: Suppose there is a water connection in your house, in which water comes according to its time, it also comes from a big water tank somewhere far away. 

You put a motor in your house and connect it to the same pipe that has already been in your house, then whenever you need water you can get water by running your motor and also When your needs are exhausted, then if you leave the motor for some time, then the water coming out of your motor will go upside down from where the water connection has come to our house, we have also understood this below An image is placed.

There is only one biggest drawback in this so far that this system does not work even after the power is cut off, however, work is going on on it, maybe in the coming time, one of its shortcomings can be removed.

The best thing about it is that its price is much less than the rest of the solar system, and it is also very easy to install, in the coming post we will tell you how to install an on-grid solar system?

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