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Sunday, November 15, 2020

What is the difference between AC module solar system and on grid solar system?

Five features of ac solar system that make it better than on grid.

Nowadays people are very confused about the AC module solar system and why they should buy an AC module solar system. No one is clear about its advantages, is it better than the old grid-connected solar system? 

The answer is yes (yes), the ac module solar systems are much better than the old on-grid solar systems. This technology came only a few years ago, but solar industry leaders introduced this product in utility-scale designs where solar installation starts at ten kilowatts (10kw). 

The solar industry is broadly divided into two segments. 

1. Rooftop Solar (Residential, Commercial, and Industrial), 

2. Utility Solar (Solar Park), 

Utility Segment is growing very fast since 2019 Many EPC Leading Solar Companies are also working on the Government of India. It is promoting and launching many schemes for development.

Well, let's leave all these things and let's move on to our topic, 

What is the difference between our on-grid solar system and the ac module solar system?

Just today I am going to tell you five reasons that make the ac module solar system better than the on-grid solar system

Before knowing the five features of an ac module solar system, let's briefly get into what is an ac module solar system? Get to know-

ac module In the solar system, there is a small inverter in the solar panel itself, which is called microinverter. We have discussed earlier on the microinverter. For more information, you can read about the microinverter by clicking here, solar panel Due to the presence of micro-inverter, we get ac current from the direct solar panel, so we call it the ac module solar system.

Let us now know the five features of AC modal solar system that make it better than ON grid solar system.

1. Netmating Provision

An old on-grid solar system will not be operational until it is fully approved by the Department of Electricity, although now the provision of emitting is implemented in almost all states of India, it still takes a long time to get its approval, Conversely, an ac module does not require any such approval, but once the ac module is installed solar system, within three days the customer will be able to run all the devices in his house on solar power.

2. Effect of shadowing

If a customer has installed a 3 kW old on-grid solar system, then the roof will have a total of 9 solar panels. Now, if any reason there is a slight shadow on one of the solar panels, this shade can be anything. Like (water tank on the roof, tree of something, or dish tv antenna etc.) then 40% efficiency of that solar is over and it is not just about a solar panel which has come in the shade In addition, the efficiency of the remaining 8 solar panels is reduced by 40% which is attached to them. Now if we talk about the AC module of solar panel, then it reduces the efficiency of only that panel which is under the shadow of the panel, all the other panels work with full 100% efficiency. The reason for this is that the ac module solar panels do their work without overlap because each of those panels has a micro-converter.

3. Panel Level Performing Monitoring

If a customer installs a 3 kW (9 panels) or 5 kW (15 panels) on-grid solar system in their home and if one of the panels in one of the panels malfunctions and stops giving power to the panel, In the old on-grid solar system, it is very difficult to find out that its customer will have to call the solar engineer who will check all the solar panels one by one, then fix the malfunction or replace any old part of it. But in the same ac module solar system, the consumer himself can find out which panel is damaged, he can also remotely detect this thing without going to the panel with the help of his mobile, laptop, or pc

4. Thinking of increasing a little later

There is absolutely no scope to extend the old on-grid solar system in the future, for example, a 2 kW solar system is worth one lakh twenty thousand (120,000). Which is a huge amount. Now if a customer is thinking of upgrading it in the future then it can be quite a loss deal as all the components in the on-grid solar system are connected to each other and they are dependent on each other. If you want to upgrade them, then you can remove the entire system like a solar panel, mounting structure, MCB, inverter, wires and cables etc. All can be changed but on the other hand, if we want to upgrade the ac module solar system, we just have to add more panels to it, that's all, we don't have to change any old things

5. Safety Level

If you have an old type of on-grid solar system installed on your roof, then you should always keep in mind that high voltage DC current always flows from it to anyone


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