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Monday, January 4, 2021

How to Explain the Elementary Theory of an Ideal Transformer?

Elementary Theory of an Ideal Transformer
Ideal Transformer does not exist according to the Elementary Theory

A transformer can never be an ideal device to transfer power. Theoretically, an ideal transformer is useful in understanding the practical transformer. Because a Transformer, inherently design has limitations caused by losses within the device itself, like- transformer Core Loss and Transformer Copper Loss. An ideal transformer considers there are no losses, it transfers the same power that it received.

The Characteristics of an ideal Transformer

A transformer to be an ideal transformer, it needs such a transformer which has no losses i.e. transformer windings have no ohmic resistance, there will happen no magnetic leakage and hence which has no I2R and core losses. 

So the ideal transformer should have two purely inductive coils wound on a loss-free core.

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