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Friday, February 10, 2023

Leaky Coaxial Cables Using Purpose

 What is Leaky Cable or a Leaky Feeder?

A leaky feeder is a communications system used in underground mining and other tunnel environments. The layman's term "leaky feeder" implies that the cable is in some way deficient. The external conductor is processed to create a signal leakage slot so the cable functions as the antenna. 

Manufacturers and cabling professionals use the term "radiating cable" or leaky cable as this implies that the cable is designed to radiate: something that coaxial cable is not generally supposed to do.

Purposes of leaky Cables or Leaky Conductors

Leaky cables or leaky conductors are suitable for wireless communication in narrow or long, curvy surroundings, such as in buildings, tunnels, subways, high-speed trains, etc. FM, DMB, LTE-R, mobile communication services etc.

Main Functions of Leaky Cables

The main functions of leaky cables or leaky conductors are as below:

  1. Low loss through high-foam insulation;
  2. Design of damping and combined loss properties according to frequency is feasible;
  3. 90° or 180° slots according to installation location (tunnel wall, central pillar).

What is MIMO Leaky Cables?

MIMO is short of Multi-In, Multi-Out, The MIMO construction of leaky cables are functions as reducing CAPEX such as construction and material costs.

The feature of MIMO leaky conductors are as below:

  1. Exclusive for LTE-R (700MHz) (FM, DMB, LTE-R);
  2. Exclusive for mobile communication services (800MHz~2.3GHz);
  3. Hybrid Combiner: Bi-directional power feed components for MIMO functions.

LS Cable & System manufactures RF Feeder System Leaky Cables

RFCL Series(Radiated Mode) leaky cables realize a specific form of slot and periodic structure on the outer conductor, applying electromagnetic wave radiation vertical to the cable axis.

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  1. A leaky feeder is a coaxial cable that has small sections of its copper shielding stripped away to allow radio frequency (RF) signals to escape. Leaky feeders, which act as extended antennas, are also called radiating cables.


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