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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Electricity Saving Appliances or Tools

How to Select Electricity-Saving Appliances or Tools in Our Daily Life?

Now we will talk about some such electric devices which will run on electricity but consume less electricity than any other electrical appliance, which will also reduce your electricity bill, so let's talk about those devices.

LED Television 

It is a bit expensive compared to the common TV but one special thing is that it gives us the opportunity to entertain ourselves by using very little power. Generally, a normal TV needs 150 watts to 250 watts of power to run. Huh

So you can understand that if the price of electricity is running at Rs.6 in your city, then after running for 4 hours it will make your bill Rs.6, so use led TV because for 7 hours you can use it in Rs.6 bill. Huh

LED Bulb

5 - 6 years ago today, we used to use bulb which was available in the market from 100 watts to 200 watts, whose light was of light yellow color and I will give you such a great example that you will be surprised.

If we burn this type of bulb for 10 hours for example, then a bill of 6 rupees is made and instead, we use LED bulbs which are 9 watts and their trend is more, their light will also get you the same which is a 100-watt bulb

LED bulbs can run for 100 hours at the cost of 6 rupees, that is, they can burn comfortably for about 4 days, so you should try that wherever there is a place to install bulbs in your house, use LED bulbs.

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