List of Cable and Cable Accessories Manufacturer Companies

Cable and Cable Accessories Manufacturer
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Cable and Cable Accessories Manufacturer Companies in the world

  • Europian Cable and Cable Accessories Manufacturer Companies list

  • Arnocanali - Producers & distributors of plastic & aluminium cable trunking, mesh trays, components for conditioning systems & more.
  • Aros Quality Group AB - Produces transformers, cables, plastic injection moulding, and metal stamping.
  • Batt Cables plc - UK cable supplier and distributor including, computer cable, power cable, network cable, electrical cable and accessories.
  • CablerĂ­as Conductoras, S.L. - Manufactures power cords and wiring harnesses.
  • Cablofil - Offers solutions for harness requirements in different sectors of industry.
  • Cet Eletric - Offers fire resistant cables, cables insulated with fluorinated polymers and more.
  • Connectronics Cable & Connection - Specialized in the production of pro-audio cables.
  • Corning Cabelcon ApS - Manufacturers of cables and connectors.
  • Elan S.r.l - Specialized in the production of cables used for alarm systems, CCTV, data transmission systems, and more.
  • Eland Cables - Supplier of electrical cable, tri-rated cable, industrial cable, armoured cable, power cable, bespoke cable and control cable.
  • Elettronica Conduttori S.r.l. - Offers cables for electronics, signal, control and data transmission & cables for industrial electronics and automation and more.
  • Ernst & Engbring Cable Technologies - Offers cable systems for the on-board electronics of automobiles, micro cables for hearing devices in medical technology & more.
  • Femi CZ - Operates in the sector of cable tray and suspension system.
  • IMC S.r.l. - Offers cables for terrestrial and satellite TV installations, cables for radiofrequency and computer LAN and more.
  • IS Rayfast - Offers interconnection products and services.
  • Italian Cable Company SpA - Manufacturers of industrial and power cables.
  • Kabeltec GmbH - Offers custom-made assemblies and complex system solutions, tested cables, and high performance cables.
  • KC Industrie Srl - Dedicated to the production of low voltage flexible cables for industrial applications.
  • Komax AG - Offers products & services ranging from wire cutting and stripping to the fully automated manufacture of complete wire harnesses.
  • La Triveneta Cavi S.p.A. - Specialized in the production of insulated cables in thermoplastic, polyolefin and elastomeric materials.
  • Legrand Electric Limited - Involved in power distribution and cable management for the workplace.
  • Leoni AG - Providers of halogen free conductors and cables for industrial applications.
  • Leviton - A UK supplier of structured cabling systems that connect the IT equipment in our offices, data centres and homes .
  • MacLean Electrical - Provides cables, cable accessories, cable supports and many more cable-related services.
  • Mennekes - Germaney based manufacturer of industrial plugs and connectors.
  • Nexans - Specialized in cables and cabling systems.
  • Nicolay GmbH & Co.KG - Offers cables and sensors for the medical market.
  • NKT Cables Group GmbH - A technological cables manufacturer.
  • Norddeutsche Seekabelwerke - Specialized in fiber-optic submarine cable systems, cables for the offshore industry & underwater & terrestrial applications.
  • Obo Bettermann GmbH & Co. - Offers connection and fastening systems, cable support systems, cable routing systems, underfloor systems and more.
  • Omac s.n.c. - Offers machines for stringing overhead conductors and laying underground cables of energy transmission lines and many more.
  • Pflitsch - Offers cable glands and industrial trunkings.
  • Pirelli Broadband Solutions - Offers from undersea cables, long-distance optical network applications to broadband access products.
  • Prysmian S.p.A. - Offers cables for industrial applications as well as terrestrial and submarine cables and systems for energy transmission & more.
  • Rapid Electronics Limited - Offers cables and connectors, electronic components and more.
  • Rose Systemtechnik GmbH - Specialised in the development and production of industrial enclosures and cable glands.
  • S1 Systems - Offers electronic assembly services, cable & wiring loom assembly, chassis wiring/cabling and more.
  • Salcavi Technic S.p.A - Offers electric cables to lighting , household appliances and more.
  • Spinner GmbH - Offers connectors and cables assemblies, line components, switches, and surge protectors.
  • Surtel Cable Co. - Provides products of harmonized cables,installation cables, low-medium voltage cables and more.
  • Tasker - Specialized in the production and distribution of cables for the electronic sector and the professional music field.
  • Tele-Fonika Kable S.A. - Producers and suppliers of cable and wire.
  • Telecables S.A. - Manufactures copper communication cables as well as fibre optic cables for telecommunication and other purposes.
  • Tratos Cavi S.p.A - Offers telecommunication cables and low and medium tension power cables.
  • Zpas Group - A Polish manufacturer of industrial, data and telecommunication enclosures, structural cabling elements, outdoor cabinets & more.

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