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Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Event Ticketing App: Types Of Event And Importance

Event Ticketing App
Fig-Schematic of Event Ticketing App

Types Of Event Apps And Their Importance:

  • Event app for Hybrid event
  • Mobile event app
  • Mobile event app for in-person events
  • Registration for the conference
  • event registration system
  • event registration app
  • Hybrid Eventapp
  • Event ticketing app


Apps are one of the greatest inventions of humankind. It is one of the most powerful parts of technology that shapes our way of doing things and living life within no time. If we talk about the digital world of Mobile event apps then they are ever-evolving. Mobile event apps are invented and sharpened for providing convenience and accessibility to the attendee.


Be it any sphere of events, mobile event apps managed to make every category of event, whether it's conferences, in-person events, hybrid events or virtual events. It made the event registration system much easier for the organizer and the attendee both.



Event Ticketing App And Its Categories

The event ticketing app provides a platform for majorly three kinds of events. Let's explore them:

In-person events

Hybrid events

Virtual events

In-person events

In this digital industry, in-person events are the most common and well-liked kind of event. These events are tried-and-true techniques for audience engagement and networking. An in-person event can be organized using just a site or venue and a crowd of participants. But if you want to hold a large event, you'll need an event service provider to manage mobile event apps for in-person. Sometimes it might be difficult to prepare for an in-person event, but through event ticketing apps, it now gets much simpler to offer networking, convenience, accessibility, and all at once.


Hybrid Events

Events that incorporate elements of both virtual and physical reality are generally called hybrid events. Organizing a physical event and providing convenient access to live streaming services for those who are unable to attend. As a result, both the physical event and live-streamed event will become a hybrid one. Being able to target both in-person and online guests can be done by having a mobile event app for hybrid events which creates a base for attendees to participate on-site or offsite.


Virtual Events

Events that are completely done virtually, over the internet, using mobile event apps. It involves people interacting on a live-streaming platform rather than attending an event from a physical location. Through mobile apps, this process benefits in terms of time-saving, budget-friendly, accessibility, and many more from virtual mobile event app registrations.


Importance of Mobile Event App For Registrations

Advancement in technology offers numerous benefits for mobile event apps. Let's explore some benefits of mobile event ticketing:

  • Time-saving

Conference, in-person, or hybrid event registration has become simpler, quicker, and more energy-efficient thanks to the development of mobile event apps. The ability to do tasks at your fingertips has proven to be one of the best methods to save a tonne of time and energy. By just installing the mobile event app and checking in from your mobile device without leaving the house, the check-in process was made considerably simpler.

  • Budget-friendly

Whether it be an in-person event or hybrid event, or any conferences through mobile event apps, it requires a fixed budget strategy. Mobile event apps play a crucial role in maintaining the budget execution as planned before conducting any event. It saves the maximum amount of cost that can be seen in any physical event if conducted physically. Event apps made the process of attending any conferences, or events, much more effortless and manageable with the implementation of the right strategies.

  • Better engagement

Another success that mobile event apps have achieved is increased real-time audience engagement. Attendees' prompt reactions during live conversations, live polls, and social media sharing during the events revealed highly engaging behavior between the parties. Through these mobile apps, this improved participation has enhanced the value of live, virtual, and hybrid events.

  •  Wide range

Attendees and new users showed interest in event registration through mobile event apps. Nowadays, registering is much easier, and anyone can do so by simply touching a laptop or mobile screen to reserve a seat. This is why it attracts new users thanks to enhanced mobile app interaction, which also provides real-time event updates and aids in the smooth operation of conferences and other live, online, and hybrid events.

  • Targeted digital marketing

Leveraging the previous data, location-based marketing, improved social media interactions, and feedback facilities from the attendees can ensure targeted digital marketing. Mobile event apps offer in-app advertising opportunities for sponsors. From which sponsors can reach their specific audience for exposure. It also delivers push notifications after observing the preferences, interests, and behavior of the attendees. 

  • Boosts the ROI

Be it any kind of field or mobile application for different businesses, nothing comprises revenue generation. Similarly, mobile event apps for hybrid and virtual events facilitate revenue by minimizing expenses and saving on printed ticketing costs. Promoting the event through sponsorships and using time and energy efficiency have resulted in boosting the overall process. It also shows the app's real-time insights and experiences of attendees. Which tickets user’s are buying? How much time does the user spend on the app? All these features help the organization to understand the attendee’s interests and implement the necessary changes. Hence, producing the maximum ROI.


A mobile event app for event registrations made the event ticketing process easier and contributed to engaging with the digital world in modern ways. Mobile event apps created a new world for the execution of live, hybrid events, or virtual. It offers convenience, accessibility, easy installation, real-time updates, and with quick responsiveness in order to make the event happen for the organizers and attendees. Event management for in-person events through these apps now became an advanced way to achieve most of the interaction in less time by attending the event from anywhere.

Furthermore, these mobile event apps have also increased the participation rate between the attendees, social media integration, promotional strategies, and fast ticket delivery through automated mail. Lastly, ensuring higher ticket sales, more engagement, and overall event experience.


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