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Monday, July 10, 2023

HTML Code for Writing a Responsive Table in Your Blog Post

To create a responsive table in an HTML blog post, you can use the following code as a starting point:

Here's a breakdown of the code:
The CSS styles within the <style> tags define the appearance and behavior of the table. The table selector sets the width to 100% and collapses the borders between cells. The th and td selectors set padding, alignment, and border styles for table headers and cells.

The @media rule targets screens with a maximum width of 600 pixels, allowing us to define specific styles for smaller screens. In this case, it removes borders, hides the table header, and changes the table layout to a stacked format.

Inside the <table> element, you can customize the table caption and column headings within the <caption> and <thead> tags, respectively.

The table body is defined within the <tbody> tag. Each row is created with the <tr> tag, and the individual cells are defined with <td>. The data-label attribute is used to specify the column label for each cell in the responsive layout.

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