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Materials and Equipment Testing Procedure

Plant Materials and Equipment Testing Procedure

Where no specific test is specified then the various items of plant, materials and equipment shall be tested in accordance with the appropriate IEC standard. Where no appropriate standard is available, tests shall be carried out in accordance with the maker’s standard practice, subject to the prior approval of the Engineer. 

In all cases, works tests shall include electrical mechanical and hydraulic tests in addition to any tests called for by the Engineer to ensure that the plant being supplied fulfill the requirements of the Specification.

If considered necessary by the Engineer any multi-part assemblies shall be fully erected in the Works prior to packing and dispatch to Site.

All tests to be performed during manufacture, fabrication and inspection shall be agreed with the Engineer prior to commencement of the work. The inspection schedule included in the Schedules of Miscellany shall be used for this purpose. The Service-provider shall prepare the details of the schedule and submit these to the Engineer for approval.

It must be ensured that adequate relevant information on the design, code/standard employed, the manufacture/fabrication/assembly procedure and the attendant quality control steps proposed are made available to the Engineer. The Engineer will mark in the appropriate spaces his intention to attend or waive the invited tests, or inspections.

A minimum of 14 days notice in writing, of the readiness of plant for test or inspection shall be provided to the Engineer by the Service-provider in accordance with the following:

Following Information for Manufacturer works testing

The Service-provider shall submit to the Engineer sequentially numbered applications for inspection which shall contain the following information.

Contract number;
Contract title;
Service-providers Name;
Inspection application number;
Manufacturers name, address, telephone and telex numbers, plus name of manufacturers staff responsible for the testing and manufacturer’s works order number;
Location of tests;
Date of tests;
Description in full of Plant offered for inspection (Service-providers order references alone are insufficient and unacceptable);
Section of the Works which Plant is allocated;
Schedule of tests be followed and standard to be applied;
List of the Engineers approved drawing numbers appropriate to the Plant offered;
Sub-order number;
The subject items should remain available for Engineers inspection and test up to a minimum of 10 days beyond the agreed date of witnessing the test;

Every facility in respect of access, drawings, instruments, and manpower shall be provided by the Service-provider and his Sub-Service-provider to enable the Engineer or his designated representative to carry out the necessary inspection and testing of the Plant.

No equipment shall be packed, prepared for shipment, or dismantled for the purpose of packing for shipment, unless it has been satisfactorily inspected, and approved for shipment, or alternatively inspection has been waived. The Service-provider shall request permission to dispatch in writing.

Tests should be Carry-out by Service-Provider

Functional electrical, mechanical and hydraulic tests shall be carried out on the completed plant after assembly in the Works. The extent of these tests and method of recording the results shall be submitted to, and agreed by, the Engineer in sufficient time to enable the tests to be satisfactorily witnessed, or if necessary for any changes required to the proposed programme of tests to be agreed.

All instruments and apparatus used in the performance of the tests shall be to the approval of the Engineer, and, if required by the Engineer, shall be calibrated to an agreed standard at the National Physical Laboratories or equivalent centre and approved by the Engineer.

The cost of carrying out such calibrations shall be borne by the Service-provider in all cases.

The Engineer reserves the right to visit the Service-provider’s Works at any reasonable time during manufacture of the items of plant and to familiarize him with the progress made and the quality of the work to date.

Tests and Testing Materials

Requirements for the testing of castings and forgings and weld procedures are derailed in this Specification. Representative samples of all plates, bars and pipes etc. Which form components of the plant shall be tested as required by the relevant standard or code or at the request or the Engineer.

All test pieces shall be prepared and supplied by the Service-provider at his own cost. If any test piece fails to comply with the requirements of the specification ions for the material in question, the Engineer may reject the whole of the material represented by that test piece.

All-import forgings are to be examined jointly at the maker’s works by the Engineer with the representatives of the manufacturers during forging and heat treatment.

Test Records and Test Certificates

Within 30 days of the completion of any test, four sets of all principal test records, test certificates and correction and performance curves for the Plant and its component parts shall be supplied to the Engineer’s Head office.

These test records, certificates and performance curves shall be supplied for all tests, whether or not they have been witnessed by the Engineer or his Representative. The information given on such test certificates and curves shall be sufficient to identify the material or equipment to which the certificate refers and should also bear the contract reference title. It shall be possible to identify the item of plant to which a specific test certificate refers, including those of sub-components and the specific site for which the item is allocated.

Service-providers order numbers or drawing reference numbers are not sufficient for this purpose without a description of the plant involved.

Test certificate shall provide full details of the measurements of their tolerances, and actual test values obtained. Certificates simply stating phrases such as ‘Fussed’ or ‘tested in Accordance With are not acceptable.

When all equipment has been tested the test certificates from all Works and Site tests shall be compiled by the Service-provider into volumes and bound in an approved form complete with index and included in the appropriate Operation and Maintenance manuals.

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