What Would be the Progress Reports and Meetings Procedure in Electrical UGTransmission Line Construction Project?

Periodic Progress Report Updating and Submitting Procedure in Electrical Underground Transmission Line Construction Project

What Would be the Periodic Progress Report Updating and Submitting Procedure in Electrical Underground Transmission Line Construction Project? 

At monthly intervals after approval of the Plant Manufacture, Delivery and Erection Program Chart, the Contractor shall submit to the Employer updated bar chart programs and precedence critical path analysis networks in triplicate in an approved format indicating the stage reached in the design, ordering of material, manufacture, delivery and erection of all components of plant. 

In addition the Contractor will compile and submit “S-curves” based upon the approved program indicating programmed and actual percentage completion of the various stages of drawing approval, manufacture, shipping, civil works and erection for each section of the works plus the overall contract.
S-Curves are used to visualize the progress of a project over time. They plot either cumulative work, based on person-hours, or costs over time. The name is derived from the fact that the data usually takes on an S-shape, with slower progress at the beginning and end of a project.

An updated cash-flow forecast indicating previously forecast and actual, involving levels together with revised future requirements shall be submitted quarterly. A graphical display in the form of an “S-curve” of the actual vs planned payment certification (on & offshore) shall be provided by the Contractor in triplicate on a quarterly basis to supplement the basic cash flow information.

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If, during execution of the Contract, the Employer considers the progress position of any section of the work to be unsatisfactory, or for any other reason relating to the Contract, he will be at liberty to call meetings, either in his Head Office or at Site. 

If required by the Employer, a responsible representative from the Contractor’s works is to attend at the Contractor’s expense such meetings with sufficient authority to issue instructions or effect an alteration in the works to the satisfaction of the Employer.

Access to the Contractor’s and Sub-Contractor’s works is to be granted to the Employers representative at all reasonable times for the purpose of ascertaining progress.

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