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Saturday, February 16, 2019

What Would be the Accepted Civil Works Mixed Type in Underground Cable Transmission Lines?

What Would be the Accepted Civil Works Mixed Type in Underground Cable Transmission Lines?

What is The Normal Reinforced Concrete, Class-A

Concrete for normal reinforced concrete work shall comply with requirements of the British Standard Code of practice for the structural use of normal reinforced concrete in buildings CP 8110a minimum cement content of 360 kg/m3

What is the Batching of Concrete?

The means of batching and control of quality of concrete shall be approved by the Engineer.

Concrete is a building material made from a mixture of broken stone or gravel, sand, cement, and water, which can be spread or poured into moulds and forms a mass resembling stone on hardening.

What Comply the Mortar and Grout?

Mortar and grout shall comply with BS 5625. BS 5625 deals with specification of purchasing requirements and methods of test for fluxes for soft soldering what describes Fluxes (materials), Soldering, Purchasing, Classification systems, Marking, Solderability testing, Test equipment, Specimen preparation, Performance testing, Corrosion tests, Resistance measurement, Hardness testing, Fungal-resistance tests, Non-volatile matter determination, Determination of content, Halides, Zinc, Ammonia, Acidimetry, Aqueous extraction methods.

What Would be the Accepted Strength of Mixes?

The cement aggregate and water for concrete work shall be mixed in such proportions as to comply with the following table in which the expression ‘Works Test’ and ‘Preliminary Test’ shall have the meanings ascribed to them in BS 1881 ‘Methods of Testing Concrete.’

Nominal Mix
Minimum Cube Strength Requirements in N/mm2

Works Tests at 7 days
Preliminary Tests at 28 days
Works Test at 28 days
(2000 lbs sq.in)
(4000lbs sq.in)
(3000lbs sq.in)


How Ensure the Water Cement Ratio?

The quantity of water is to be the minimum necessary to ensure a workable and compact mass. 

Due allowance shall be made for the moisture content of the available aggregates and the Contractor must ensure that the water/cement ratio is not excessive and produces concreteto the strength requirements

The Water/cement ratio shall not exceed 0.55inc any case.

What Would be the Minimum Quantity of Cement for Class-A?

Class A- Any reinforced concrete to be used in the Works shall contain not less than 360kg of cement in each cubic meter of concrete.

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