How Maintains Site Diary in a Construction Project Smartly?

How Maintain a Site  Diary In Project Site Work?

How Maintain a Site  Diary In Project Site Work?

The site diary actually a record book that contain the everyday works record and small changes that not possible to take prior approval in papers. To continue the site works uninterruptedly as per decisions of site engineer site diary is important note for site supervisor.

Site Diary also known as Construction Daily Logs, The bigger the project, the bigger is the need to document the project on site. Also if the site is very large then you need multiple supervisors with special skills. You might want to supervise each areas separately like electrics, structures, HVAC, Hygiene-Safety & Environment and other. And this should be done for all buildings on the project.
Site Diary or construction log book generally works on three main issues, daily  carried out information, highlights and concerns. By focusing on these three items, anyone can produce clear and short enough construction diary which is also readable. Yes, also concerns and problems should be filled to the diary.


If any engineer or officer visited the site and found any work or part of them that need the change, modify or impasses to any point, he may suggested to site supervisor in his present or absence by written in site diary.

The Contractor shall provide suitable diaries in an approved form to which the Employer shall have access, and shall enter in these diaries all the measurements of the Contract Works at site.

The works at site as completed on everyday on which the measurements are taken, together with full particulars, and details of all obstructions or modifications or extra, or incidents and the number of men employed in each of the several portions of the work in progress and any other information as directed by the Employer or his representative.

The diaries shall be available at all times for the Employer to verify the records, and the Employers representative shall sign all entries therein so verified, and have full liberty himself to make entries therein, but no such signature or entry shall imply acceptance of any work or material, or that the Contractor is entitled to be paid for the same, or at any particular rate. 

The diaries shall, when signed by both parties, be deemed to be a true record of the work executed. The diary(s) shall be the property of the Employer.

The line about daires in site works-  the most important part of your site diary etiquette is that you do it daily and when any major incidents occur. The site diary is the evidential document as first record and it is the reference point for many other important documents, such as variations.


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