WAZIPOINT Engineering Science & Technology: How Control Working Site Traffic, Vehicles and Plant in Construction Site?

Friday, February 22, 2019

How Control Working Site Traffic, Vehicles and Plant in Construction Site?

Use Excavator Safely in Workplace

Site Traffic, Vehicle and Plant Control Procedure at Construction Working Site 

Moving vehicles and equipment on construction sites can be fatal if not used correctly and safely. As the elimination of mobile plant hazards is unlikely to be an option on a construction site, hazards must be isolated or minimized by implementing the following traffic control measures. Develop a traffic management plan including control measures to suit the specific requirements of the construction site. The implementation of a combination of control measures is likely to be the most effective means of managing the traffic hazard from mobile plant.

Loading, Storage and Parking

Where conditions allow position contractor parking near to the site complex welfare facilities - this will reduce the amount of vehicle and pedestrian movement across site

Loading and storage areas should be located away from the main work areas, have a clear entrance and exit point and use a one way system if possible. There should be sufficient room for delivery vehicles to man oeuvre and safe areas for those unloading / loading materials.

Loads - ensure loads are securely attached to vehicles and that loose material such as bricks and lumps of clay cannot fall from Lorries / site dumpers and strike pedestrians.

Do not overload vehicles, they become unstable, difficult to steer and the braking becomes less effect.

Load and unloads vehicles in the correct manner.


Signs and Lighting:

The use of signs and well lit vehicle and pedestrian routes are necessary on most construction projects.  Clear well positioned signs help reduce potential confusion for drivers and pedestrians when trying to move around site.

Further consideration must be given to lighting during the winter period when shorter daylight hours often means sites are starting and finishing in the dark.

Note; Signs located on the public highway must conform to Department for Transport Standards in relation to size, spacing / position and reflective values.

Surrounding Environment:

During the planning and construction phases consideration must be given the surrounding transport network. 

The roads used to approach the site have an essential part to play in ensuring safe access and in keeping the local community traffic flow moving.

Sometimes it is necessary to re-direct site traffic via a particular route to avoid a school, congested road, height and weight restrictions on bridges etc.

When working with SITE VEHICLES, check:

Check the following points related to controlling site traffic, vehicles and plant in construction site keep your to keep your workplace safe. Are vehicles and workers kept apart by using barriers

Warn visitors of the presence of construction site traffic.

There are warning signs regarding site traffic displayed.

There is adequate clearance around slewing machines.

Properly trained banks men are used to guide reversing vehicles.

The presence of the required safety signs to keep pedestrian & traffic away from site works.

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