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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

What is the Procedure to Identification of Cable Cores?

The Procedure to Identification of Cable Cores

The Procedure to Identification of Cable Cores

Where a wire a multi-core cable passes from one piece of equipment to another, e.g. from a circuit breaker to a remote control panel, the Contractor shall ensure that the identity of the cable is apparent at both ends and intermediate marshalling points by the use of ferrules, which shall permit identification of the cable in accordance with the schematic diagrams. The ferruling system to be adopted a composite marking method to IEC 391 and BS 3858 as appropriate, giving both functional information on the purpose of the individual conductor and dependant both-end marking.

Should the Contractors normal practice be at variance the identification of cable with the requirements of this Clause he may submit details of the scheme proposed for consideration by the Engineer. The engineer is not obliged to accept the Contractor’s cable identification proposal.

Each core of multi-pair wiring shall be identified by colour and terminal block identification together with an identification tracer per bundle.

Permanent identification of all cable terminals, wires and terminal blocks shall be provided. Each individual terminal block shall have independent terminals for incoming and outgoing cabling.

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