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Thursday, February 21, 2019

What is the Junction and Termination Marshalling Boxes to Cable Operating?

What Would be  the Junction and Termination Marshalling Boxes to Cable Operating?

All junctions, termination and marshalling boxes shall be of substantial sheet steel construction, having enclosure classification in accordance and fitted with external fixing lugs and finished in accordance with this Specification for cleaning, painting and finishing. 

The boxes shall allow ample room for wiring, with particular regard to the deployment of wires from the point of entry.

Junction boxes are used in domestic wirings especially when 

supply is to be taken through a switch to a lamp holder or 

from one room to another.
Marshalling boxes better called Marshalling Kiosks(MKs) are 
used in substation switchyards and in power transformers.
For switchyard MKs they contain terminal blocks to which 
control cables are connected. They may also contain mcbs 
and other devices. The same is true for transformer MKs.

Outdoor boxes shall have internal anti-condensation heaters and stay bars fitted to doors. Indoor boxes shall be designed such that any condensed water cannot affect the insulation of the terminal boards or cables. 

No cables shall be terminated into the top of outdoor boxes unless specifically approved by the Engineer.


Each box shall be complete with suitably inscribed identification labels.

Any outdoor boxes, cubicles etc containing instruments or meters shall have glazing suitable to permit the visual examination of these.

Covers shall be arranged for padlocking and padlocks with keys shall be supplied. Cast iron boxes shall have bolted lids requiring the use of special keys or spanners for removal.

All boxes shall be provided with adequate earthing bars and terminals.

Notwithstanding information supplied by the Engineer, the Contractor shall, as each box is completed or at intervals as requested by the Engineer, supply to the Engineer copies of accurate termination or destination charts showing the as-fitted arrangement of cables and cores in each box. The Contractor shall, following the Engineer’s approval, fit one plastic laminated copy of the appropriate chart to the interior of each box.


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