WAZIPOINT Engineering Science & Technology: How Design and Construct Panels, Desks, Kiosks and Cubcles Mounting?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

How Design and Construct Panels, Desks, Kiosks and Cubcles Mounting?

Design and Construct Guide lines for Panels, Desks, Kiosks and Cubcles Mounting
Fig- Electric Control Panel

Design and Construct Guide lines for Panels, Desks, Kiosks and Cubcles Mounting

Unless otherwise specified, panels, desks and cubicles, shall be of floor-mounted and free-standing construction and be in accordance with the specified enclosure classification. All control and instrumentation panels shall be identical in appearance and construction.

Panel Construction Guide Lines

Panels shall be rigidly constructed from folded sheet steel of adequate thickness to support the equipment mounted thereon, above a channel base frame to provide a toe recess. Alternatively a separate kicking plate shall be provided.

Measurement of Panel, Desk, Kiosk and Cubicle

Overall height, excluding cable boxes, shall not exceed 2.5m operating handless and locking devices shall be located within the operating limits of 0.95m and 1.8m above floor level. All panels shall be fitted with padlocks. The minimum height for indicating instruments and meters shall be 1.5m unless otherwise specified.

Installation of Panel, Desk, Kiosk and Cubicle

All panels' desks and cubicles shall be vermin and insect proof. All cable entries to equipment shall be sealed against vermin as soon as possible after installation and connecting-up of the cables to the approval of the Engineer.

Ventilation shall be provided for natural air circulation. All control equipment shall be designed to operate without forced ventilation.

For outdoor equipment, metal to metal joints shall not be permitted and all external bolts or screws shall be provided with blind taped where a through hole would permit the ingress of moisture. All metal surfaces shall be thoroughly cleaned and particular care taken during painting to ensure that both internally and externally a first class cover and finish is achieved. For harsh environments, all nuts, bolts and washers shall be plated.

Door sealing materials shall be provided suitable for the specified site conditions. Doors shall be fitted with handles and locks. The doors shall be capable of being opened from within the panel without the aid of a key after they have been locked from the outside. Hinges shall be of the life-off type. Seals shall be continuous or with only one joint.

The bottom and/or top of all panels shall be sealed by means of removable gasketted steel gland plates and all necessary glands shall be supplied and fitted within the Contract.


Design of Panel, Desk, Kiosk and Cubicle

Panels shall be suitably designed to permit future extension wherever appropriate or specified without the need to dismantle the existing panels.

Each panel shall include rear access doors and door-operated interior lamp, and be clearly labeled with the circuit titled at front and rear, with an additional label inside the panel

Panels sections accommodating equipment at voltages higher than 110 V shall be partitioned off and the voltage clearly labeled. Each relay and electronic card within panels shall be identified by labels permanently attached to the panel and adjacent to the equipment concerned. 

Where instruments are terminated in a plug and socket type connection both the plug and the socket shall have permanently attached identifying labels.

Instrument and control devices shall be easily accessible and capable of being removed from the panels for maintenance purposes.

For suites of panels inter-panel bus wiring shall be routed through apertures in the sides of panels and not via external multi-core cabling between the panels.

All panels, whether individually mounted or forming part of a suit, shall incorporate a common internal copper earthing bar onto which all panel earth connections shall be made. 

Suitable studs of holes to the Engineer’s approval shall be left at each end of the bar for connection to the main station earthing system.

Earth connection between adjacent panels shall be achieved by extending the bar through the panel sides and not by interconnecting external cabling.

Cubicles and cubicle doors shall be rigidly constructed such that, for example, door mounted emergency trip contacts can be set so that mal-operation will not be possible due to any vibrations or impacts as may reasonably be expected under normal working conditions.



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