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Who Damaging our Hearing Power?

If people are having difficulty hearing what others say, or have to shout to be understood at a distance of one meter, noise levels are likely to be damaging our hearing power.

The louder the noise in near the human, the more damage it can cause for them. Industrial noise and vibration can cause long-term damage to employee senses. Hearing and touch can be severely affected by exposure to excess levels of noise and vibration.

 Impact of Noise Pollution:

Excessive noise causes the permanent damage to hearing. Neither surgery nor a hearing aid can help correct this type of hearing loss. Short term exposure to loud noise can also cause a temporary change in hearing. Industrial noises or sound pollution can cause hearing loss either progressively or impact of long period of time. Hearing damage can be caused immediately by exposure to peak sound waves produced by explosive high level of sounds.  Anyone can be exposed to excessive noise level that working in noisy environments such as factories, foundries, working with power tools, plant and machinery, airports and construction sites are among those most at risk.

Identifying noise hazards:

It’s not necessarily a specialist skills or equipment to make a preliminary assessment to identify sources of hazardous noise. However it should be done in consultation with those who understand the working processes on such affected workers and their health and safety representatives. Regular walk-through inspection with relevant workers and health and safety representatives will make a good start towards hazardous noise identification.

Awareness and Training:

Employees need to have the knowledge necessary to do all they can, and for you to do all you can, to reduce the risk of an injury occurring in your workplace. If an employee is not aware of the risks they are exposed to and how to minimize those risks, they will not be compelled to do what they can to protect themselves.

Employees need to train up about hazards they are exposed to in their jobs and when carrying out certain tasks. They need to knowledge how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) in an effort to reduce the risks in workplace.

Today it’s very easy to come in touch on many occupational health and safety issues that are included in more detail in the OH&S Handbook. So, just need to take initiative and follow up to the training and awareness about hazardous noise on workplace.
Protect Your Ear in work

When dealing with NOISE, check:

Have you had information and training so you know what are the risks from noise on site, and what to do to avoid these risks?

People who are not involved in the work kept away from the source of the noise?

Is suitable hearing protection provided and worn in noisy areas?

Have hearing protection zones been marked with the type of hearing protectors required?

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