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What Is The Typical Specification of AC Generator

The technical specifications of 30 KVA Diesel Engine Generators are particularly presented here for the purpose to prepare tender documents to invite Bidders to participate a tender. The technical specifications of AC Generator, Diesel Engine and related Accessories are described in sequence below:

The technical specification of Alternating Current Generator or Alternator shall be as below- 
Prime Rating                         : 30 KVA
Voltage                                  : 50Hz, 380± 5%, 50Hz ± 1% Voltage fluctuation limit: 5%,                                                          from no load to full load
Type                                      : Brushless Excitation with AVR
Phase and Wire                     : 3 phases and 4 wires
Power Factor                         : 0.8 (lagging)
Insulation                              : Class H with Tropicalization
                Degree of protection         : IP-21
                Over speeds Capacity       : 125%, 2min
                Wave from                        : < 3% distortion
                Voltage Regulator             : Solid sate Volts-per-Hertz Protection
                Voltage Regulation           : <1%
                Voltage Adjusting             : 10%
                Voltage Gain                     : Adjustable to compensate for engine speed drop and line loss
                Climatic condition            : 7°-45°C, 98% humidity
                Starting                              : Auto on detection of mains failure
                Stopping                            : Auto on detection of mains return
                   OR                                  : Manual Stating with Battery start 
                                                           : Manual stopping with stop switch

Specification of Diesel Engine


The technical specification of Diesel Engine shall be as below- 
                Type                                                : Water/Air Cooled Diesel
                Cycle                                               : 4 Strokes
                Year of Manufacture                      : 2014 or latter.
                Engine Speed (Nominal)                : 1500 rpm   5% on full load.
                Type of operation                           :  Continuous 12 hours operation for every 24 hours.
                Standard Cooling Method              : Radiator/Others
                Fuel oil                                           : Diesel Fuel  Oil (ASTM NOZ-D)
                Lubricating oil                                :  API Service Grade

Governor Characteristic

The specification of Governor of the Diesel Engine shall be as below-
                 : Mechanical Type
                                                                    Facility of isochronous & droop mode operation.
                                                                   Droop percentage adjustable.
                                                                  Variable Governor Speed;
                                                                  Compatible with  ± 1% variation in generation frequency.

Country of Origin

Country of Origin & Country of Manufacturing/Assembling for Engine and Alternator   shall be U.S.A, UK, Japan, France, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Denmark, Finland,    Austria, Netherlands.

Specifications of Accessories

The Accessories specification shall be comply with international and national standards.

Earth Electrode

The specification of earthing or earth electrode shall be as less than 2 Ohms to be done by GI pipes at the depth of electrode to be minimum 80 feet.

Civil works

Civil works are the part of generator installation. Base Size: 5'x3'x1' (LxWxD);
Generator Commissioning: 50 Liters diesel with a drum for each DEG;
Silencer pipe length: 15 ft (minimum).
Generator Installation Cable
The specification of cable for installation of   Generator is as- Brand: BRB/SQ/Poly/PC;
Cable Size: NYY (4x25) rm; Length: 20 m;

Specification Engine Accessories

The specifications of engine accessories under scope of supply shall be as below-
 Air Cleaner – With Service Indicator
Base – Structure Steel
Breather – crank case
Charging- Alternator
Cooler--Lubricating Oil/ Air Cooled.
Fuel Filter- Industry Standard
Internal Fuel Tank -With capacity to run at least 10 hours of full load operation
External Fuel Tank –With capacity to run 24 hours of full load operation with feeding connection to the internal tank
Speed Governor-
Lube oil pump-gear driven
Manifolds –exhaust; dry
Radiator –blower fan, fan drive
Starting electric –12v DC with external battery (Lead Acid)
Battery charger
Exhaust silencer [70 db (A)]
Lube oil Level Regulator, priming pump

Specifications of Diesel Engine Generators Protection System

 Automatic engine shutdown in the event of fail to start, low oil Pressure, high engine temperature
Generator: Brushless with Automatic Voltage Regulator and voltage control Timer

Connection to Bus-bar:

Connection between ATS and station bus-bar including necessary cables;
 Distribution Board, cable tray and circuit breakers at both ends shall be protected as per instruction guide.

Control Panel Protection System

Auto transfer Switch (ATS) with Manual Override
Timer mains failure (5 sec ~ 30 min)
Timer mains restored (5 sec ~ 10 min)
Ammeter (per phase and phase to phase)
Voltmeter (per phase and phase to phase)
Frequency Meter
Emergency Stop Push Button
Engine Control Switch for Auto/Run/Off
Lamp Display
Oil Pressure and Water Temperature Gauge
Operating hour meter
Manual stop & Starting Switch
Phase Selector Switch
Shut offs with indicator for
- Emergency Stop
-High Water Temperature
-Over Speed
-Changing (Indicator only)

Voltage Adjust Timer     - Lower and higher cut of voltage; Should be 245v~424v average              

Spare Parts Guarantee


The Bidder shall provide a separate guarantee to the effect that, he shall guarantee the flow and availability of all spare parts and units without major design changes for at least 5(five) years from the issuance of Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC).

Maintenance Support

Maintenance Support up to the end of 2 [two] years of Performance Guarantee /Warranty Period:
v  The Bidder shall provide at least 1(one) Operation and Maintenance Engineer to provide full maintenance support for all sites up to the end of the Performance Guarantee Period. This support service shall start from the date of first energization.

v  The selection of the maintenance engineer shall be entirely depends on Employer’s judgment. The bidder shall be responsible for all types of expenditure to be borne for that manpower, including all type of transportation and office space. The bidder shall include the cost of necessary spares required for the smooth running of the supplied DEGs during this 2 [two] years period.

v  Five years Maintenance Support after 2[two] years of Guarantee Period as optional item: The Bidder shall quote as ‘an optional item’ the price for ‘Five years Maintenance support after Guarantee Period. The Bidder shall include the quotation for a period of 5 [five] years ‘after completion of the Performance Guarantee Period.

Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT)

Before acceptance of the installed system/ equipment, Employer’s representatives shall carryout a test on site, detailed tests of all equipment, working reliability, concurrence to agree technical and other specifications, inventory checking of installed equipment etc. Such tests shall be termed as “Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT)”. Prior to commencement of such tests, the contractor shall submit a proposed procedure for the PAT to be subsequently passed by the purchaser. The PAT will be done by a joint team of Employer’s Engineers and bidder’s Engineers. The bidder shall be totally responsible for arrangement of all equipment, consumables, test gears and measuring equipment required for the PAT.

Final Acceptance Test (FAT)

After completion of the PAT(issuance of PAC) and cut-over of the system, the Engineers of the Contractor will take prompt necessary steps to remove all types of faults and replace all types of faulty equipment at the cost of the Contractor. At the end of the “Performance Guarantee Period for the Contract”, the overall performance of all equipment will be reviewed and this review shall be termed as “Final Acceptance Test (FAT)”.

The Contractor shall be responsible for arrangement of all equipment, consumables, test gears and measuring equipment required (if any) for such review tests.

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