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Friday, February 22, 2019

Office Refurbishment and Healthy Work Place

REFURBISHMENT AND HEALTHY WORK PLACEWhat Would be the Office Refurbishment and Healthy Work Place?

First we need to think about what a ‘healthy’ workplace is. It can be many things; a place where employees feel recognised for the work they do; enjoy a happy work-life balance; have access to opportunities to adopt healthy lifestyle practices and coping with skills to manage lives in a healthy, productive way; and are given opportunities for personal, intellectual and professional growth.We have to know too well that it’s possible to provide a pleasant, healthy, happy office environment for everyone. So when you’re planning your office fit-out or office refurbishment, consider the work styles and welfare of your staff early on to achieve a healthy, happy and harmonious environment for everyone.

High value components are often used at production plants or other technical objects (for example, pumps, motors) and are replaced by a repairable spare in the event of a malfunction and then refurbished using a separate order.

This scenario is of particular interest to companies for which system availability plays a crucial role (for example, process industry, oil extraction and processing, steel manufacturing and so on), and who keep repairable spares in stock to ensure a high system availability. The refurbishment of these defective spares, which are generally of high value, is of great economic importance for these companies and is often a core process within their maintenance department.

An office refurbishment is an exciting opportunity to refresh your workspace without the added complications of moving.

Creating a refurbishment order: 

When the number of defective repairable spares in the warehouse has reached a certain level, the maintenance planner in charge creates a refurbishment order.  The planner defines the time-frame for the refurbishment and plans all the operations materials, tools, etc. required for the refurbishment.

If REFURBISHMENT is carried out, check the following:

For falling objects onto people below?
All non-essential service is cut-off?
All holes created or opened are clearly signposted and covered securely?
There is sufficient safety signs to warn of dangers?
Adequate ventilation is provided especially in painting work?
Good housekeeping rules are followed?

The Benefits of Office Refurbishment

It is well known that individuals work faster and more efficiently in creative spaces, designed with work output in mind. In fact, 60% of individuals agreed that their office environment impacted their levels of motivation in the workplace.

Improve your image to clients & prospects

Just as your people sell your business, so does your office. Think about what visitors to your office see on arrival: a tired and dated workplace for a tired and dated company or a fresh and vibrant office for a forward-looking business? Your office is a blank canvas, so use it to your advantage.

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