Why Good Lighting Need to Ensure:

Lighting at work is very important for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace.

Good lighting plays an important role in safeguarding health at work by enabling employees to perform their work comfortably and efficiently. 

It also allows employees to read clearly labels and safety instructions, such as those affixed to hazardous substances to ensure compliance with safety measures for the prevention of hazards. 

Accordingly, there should be an appropriate level of the light falling on the surface on which employees are working. Excessive contrast, strong glare and light flickering in their fields of vision are also inappropriate.


To ensure good lighting, the person responsible for a workplace should arrange for a suitable assessment on the lighting levels in the workplace.

To be ensure at workplace the quicker and easier to see a hazard the higher the likelihood of avoiding it.

The types of dangers present at work therefore determines the lighting requirements for safe operation.

Ensuring the correct level of lighting is particularly important when working at night.

Tips to Keep Safe Temporary Lighting in workplace:

Temporary lighting wiring cable is not used for more than one year on a construction site;

 Temporary lighting wiring cable is removed immediately when work is complete;  

Ensure the conductors and equipment is protected from over current by circuit breakers, fuses, etc., and can safely carry the load;

Grounding is ensured through either a ground fault circuit interrupter system or assured equipment grounding conductor program;

Lamps are located at standard vertical and horizontal distances from the work area;

Workers exposed to possible electric shock are provided and use suitable protective equipment or devices.

If there is TEMPORARY lighting in your workplace, check following to ensure:

All leads are suspended off the ground and secured safely.
The installation is by competent persons is a qualified 
There is a residual current device (safety switch) is installed 
at the distribution board.
No leads are wire joined, but connected with proper 

Finally we can say, poor lighting can represent significant risks to employees, not only in the form of time off work as a result of accident and injury, but through reduced staff efficiency and productivity.

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