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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Green Energy Generation without Carbon Dioxide Emission!

source: google image-Cyanobacteria

Green Energy Generation without Carbon Dioxide Emission is Importance Nowadays:

We aware, most of the power plants are emitting huge amount of carbon-dioxide every day all over the world. This carbon-dioxide imposes negative impact on our environment and greenhouse gases. We cannot think without electricity for a single moment, but we everybody hardly desire carbon-dioxide free system which now days called “clean” or “green”. 

For long time scientists are trying to go ‘green electricity’. What do you think about Green Energy? Alternative is fossil fuel, a broad of solar panel, or a field of pure white turbines? Perhaps; but have you been ever think a bucket of bacteria? Yes, now scientists are thinking Cyanobacteria may help us to generate clean or green electricity.


You may hear to as blue-green algae or blue-green bacteria which existing from more than 3 billion years. Cyanobacteria exist in all environments, from the very hospitable to the unimaginable, from the hotspot like Sahara desert to frozen like Antarctica. Biological reactions are good at forming carbon-carbon bonds, also has natural electrogenic tendencies. 

We know most of chemical raw materials come from petroleum and natural gases, but chemists have already engineered blue-green algae to grow chemical as a model for fuels and plastics. They achieved cyanobacteria to convert carbon dioxide into 2.3 butanediol (a chemical) that can be used to making paint, solvents, plastics and fuels. 

Experts say it’s easy to produce ethanol from cyanobacteria using carbon-dioxide and sunlight where from corn or switch-grass requires massive amounts of land for growing fuel.


Green Electricity from Cyanobacteria:

Now it’s time to imagine your power generating solar cell is alive! Yes, your tomorrow’s 4G solar cell will be Blue-Green colored and Organic! This organic solar cell will be made from nontoxic materials that will generate electricity directly converting sunlight into electrical energy without emitting any carbon-dioxide. 

Researchers found that Cyanobacteria have natural electrogenic tendencies which can create solar electricity in a self-sustaining manner. These blue-green bacteria are naturally light-dependent, meaning that they inherently generate and transfer high-energy electrons into their environment when exposed to light.

The characteristics of Cyanobacteria are to produce free electron for their own purposes, only a small amount of electron released to the external environment.  Researchers managed to develop a Photosynthetic Microbial Fuel Cell which growth chamber for the cyanobacteria and electron harvester that collects excess electricity which released during photosynthesis process. 

Inside the cell bacteria grow electron directly on top the conductive surface which called anode. So, when exposed light, they directly emit electron onto the anode (electron collector).

The process collecting electricity from Cyanobacteria is almost similar to the conventional solar cell where sunlight strike to a semiconductor which generally made from silicon, cadmium, indium; but here it strike the bacteria and produce electricity.

We hope this organic energy source will ensure the future power safety and it will be the perfect clean or green energy for welcoming generation. 

source: wekipedia/jurnal/blog/net/


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