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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

How Does Work Power Grid Substation

132/33kV Power Grid Substation
Fig: Typical 132/33 kV Grid Substation

What is Power Grid Substation?

Grid substation is very important and essential installation for electrical power transmission network.

Grid substation is considered as KPI (Key Point Installation) of the state.

Don't mistake, no substation produces electricity.  The function of any kind of substation is to transfer same amount of  power only changing suitable voltage level.

To reduce losses and cost,  high voltage is required for transmission line system. On the other hand low voltage is essential for safe and secure uses at consumer end.

To ensure continuous power supply all over the country-  from generation station to consumer switchboard, different voltage level is required at different points; and this work is carried out by substation.

Grid substation works for high voltage network system which controls many sub - network.  The substation which uses at consumer end is called distribution substation.

The figure shows a portion of a typical grid substation.

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