Format of Emergency Exit Signs

Exit Sign Requirement in Industrial or Commercial Places

The     layout design of emergency exit or fire exit signs are not fixed for all country, it’s may vary country to country, even in the same country it’s vary time to time.  Today we will introduce some most used format of exit signs that you see everywhere.

In older version it was only wording, now using just pictograph and arrow, the wording is an optional. This is now an international format. 

Exit Sign Symbol

You can define as- an exit sign is devices that denote the location of the closest emergency exit in case of fire or other emergency for in a public facility such like a building, aircraft or boat etc.

emergency exit or fire exit signs
This wording format is the old version of exit sign. Before 1998 this format was useful, but somewhere you still see it is using this days.

This version is in addition with the word format a running man pictogram and was an interim move towards the full pictogram sign. The meaning of this sign is very clear.

This version is  full pictogram only. A running man towards the exit from the existing building. This is still acceptable to use on existing sites.

This version of exit sign is more descriptive than others.  This is actually some combination of older and newer version. The    descriptive text is an optional element of the sign and is not always required.

The format or version of exit signs is not important much more, it is important that you placed the sign in right place. So, let a check and make snack list- is your exit signs are working or not.



  1. This is helpful,
    safety rules need to follow everywhere.

  2. We want more writing on electrical safety, especially on industrial safety

  3. It is often a serious offence as a building owner or landlord to not comply with the fire/building code in terms of Exit signage. In July 2016, for example, a fire in a Toronto apartment caused the death of one person and injured many others. An investigation found that Emergency and Exit lights were not properly illuminated, and the landlord was fined about $20,000 for "not properly illuminating exit signs, and having no record of emergency lighting tests and another $50,000 for other infractions to the code.


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