Forklift Hazards and Safe Operation Responsibility

Most warehouse managers are aware of the problems and hazards that come along with the operations of a forklift:

There are so many hazards linked with forklift operations. To prevent hazardous accident and save forklift operators as well as others employee, forklift operators, supervisors and workers, all need to understand the potential forklift hazards. Only be-aware-of the forklift hazards and safe operation responsibility to own can reduce injuries and damages.

Common Forklift Hazards

Forklift Hazard
Forklift Hazard
The most common causes of accidents related to forklift hazards are listed below, if it possible to address these factors properly then forklifts hazardous accident will decrease significantly.

Unsafe load and Overloading is causes frequent forklifts accident. Do not overload and keep loads limit low.

Do not handover the forklift to untrained forklift operators, Forklift trucks are extremely heavy even sometimes experienced drivers can make mistakes, so never allow unauthorized forklifts operators.

Passengers are not allowed on the forklifts even while forklift carrying no load, its forklift operator responsibility to ensure no persons will lift on forks, or backside of the forklift to balance the heavy load lifting. A special forklift platform must be used for employees using a forklift to gain access to elevated equipment.

Falling loads are common to forklift accident. Keep loads low, and make sure the mast is tilted back for stability. Odd-shaped loads that are tall or wide must be moved carefully and slowly.

 Forklift speeding causes lots of accident, forklift operator must be understand forklift driving is not a ‘Horse-race’! Seed must be kept in safe limit, especially in corner and obstructed area.

 Un-necessary forks rise up should be avoid preventing forklift accident. Must understand the limit of fork rise and load capacity.

 Pedestrians and forklifts moving in the same place is another cause of forklift accident. Forklift drivers are responsible like others vehicle drivers to avoid pedestrian, even pedestrian walks on the forklift area.

 Must consider the slippery, gravely or poor path during forklift driving. Go under-loaded and slow in slippery and poor path. Replace the poor or un-threaded tyres     immediately and don’t use worn tyers for forklift.

Drive forklift slowly and sound the horn at corners or intersections to alert other employees. Also always travel unloaded with the forks no more than ½ meters from the ground.
Unsafe battery connection may causes electrical shook from forklift, ensure good electrical wiring and make sure separate forklift battery charging & parking area.

Inspect daily forklift’s breaks, engine fluids, hhydraulic lines, head & tail lamps, tyres , back up alarm, turn signals, overhead guard, lift controls, horn and mirrors just before start the day.

To establish a safe work environment in your workplace, employers must ensure the health and safety of all workers; workers must take reasonable care and cooperate with their employer to protect their health and safety from forklift hazards.
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