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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Smart Grid Technology and Application

Smart Grid
Fig-Transformer Connection

What is Smart Grid Technology?

A smart grid is an electricity network which includes a variety of equipped and energy measures including smart meters, smart appliances, renewable energy resources, and energy efficiency resources based on digital technology that is used to supply electricity to consumers via two-way digital communication. The term smart-Grid also known as digital-grid that refers to the new digital technology or to modernize the electrical network grid.

How Smart Grid Uses in Electricity Network System?

The expression Smart-grid usually refers to a category of technology folk’s square measure exploitation to bring utility electricity delivery systems into the twenty first century, exploitation computer-based device and automation. 

These systems square measure created potential by two-way communication technology and PC process that has been used for many years in alternative industries. 

They’re getting down to be used on electricity networks, from the facility plants and wind farms all the thanks to the shoppers of electricity in homes and businesses. 

They provide several advantages to utilities and shoppers -principally seen in huge enhancements in energy potency on the electricity grid and within the energy users’ homes and offices.
For a century, utility firms have had to send employees bent on gather a lot of the info required to produce electricity. 

The employees browse meters, explore for broken instrumentality and live voltage, as an example. 

Most of the devices utilities use to deliver electricity have however to be machine-driven and computerized. Now, several choices and product square measure being created out there to the electricity business to modernize it.

Smart Technology Association to Smart Grid

The grid amounts to the networks that carry electricity from the plants wherever it's generated to shoppers. The grid includes cables, substation-equipment like- transformers, switches, control system and so on.

Much within the approach that smart- phones are recently suggests that a phone with a PC in it, good grid suggests that computerizing the electrical utility grid. It includes adding two-way electronic communication technology to devices related to the grid. 

Every device on the network are often given sensors to collect knowledge (power meters, voltage sensors, fault detectors, etc.), and two-way electronic communication between the device within the field and also the utility’s network operations center. 

A key feature of the good grid is automation technology that lets the utility change and management every individual device or variant devices from a central location.
The number of applications which will be used on the good grid once the info engineering is deployed is growing as quick as creative firms can produce and turn out them. 

Advantages embrace increased cyber-security, handling sources of electricity like wind and alternative energy and even integration electric vehicles onto the grid. 

The businesses creating good grid technology or providing such services embrace technology giants, established communication companies and even greenhorn technology companies.

Smart Grid System in Bangladesh

As a modern concept smart grid which refers mainstream power transmission network system solution in Bangladesh, transmission system engineers should be acquainted with the knowledge of Smart transmission or smart grid System.

In its national leadership role, Power Grid may have partnered with key stakeholders from business, academia, and state governments to modernize the nation’s electricity delivery system. Power Grid and its partners determine analysis and development (R&D) priorities that address challenges and accelerate transformation to a better grid, supporting demonstration of not solely good grid technologies however additionally new business models, policies, and social group advantages. Power Grid has incontestable leadership in advancing this transformation through cooperative efforts with energy regulatory authority on good Grid.

Aligning Stakeholders to Achieve Smart Grid Network

In leading a national transformation to a better grid, Power Grid may begin to outline not solely a vision for the long run electrical delivery system however additionally the practical characteristics. 

Power Grid take initiative to form a practicum involving regulators, utilities, vendors, legislators, analysis establishments, universities, and alternative stakeholders to forge a standard vision and scope for the good grid. 

This biennial effort must result in identification of the principal good grid practical characteristics that comprise the muse of Power Grid’s good grid program.

As outlined by the principal characteristics, Power Grid can encompass a vision of a wise grid that uses digital technology to boost reliability, resiliency, flexibility, and potency (both economic and energy) of the electrical distribution system. The strategy to realize this vision hinges upon activities that directly address the technical, business, and institutional challenges to realizing a better grid.

Smart grid demonstrations and preparation activities cash in of the chemical action impact of considerable investments within the producing, getting and installation of devices and systems. 

These activities leverage efforts below approach within the analysis and development activity space and can facilitate develop important performance and proof-of-concept knowledge. 

This activity space is additionally developing a framework for analyzing good grid metrics and advantages, which are important to assist, build the business case for cost-efficient good grid technologies.
Research and development activities advance good grid practicality by developing innovative, next-generation technologies and tools within the areas of transmission, distribution, energy storage, power physics, and cyber security and also the advancement of precise time-synchronized measures of sure parameters of the electrical grid.
Interoperability and Standards activities make sure that new devices can interoperate in very secure surroundings as innovative digital technologies square measure enforced throughout the electricity delivery system, advancing the economic and energy security of us. 

The continuing good grid ability method guarantees to steer to versatile, uniform, and technology-neutral standards that modify innovation, improve client selection, and yield economies of scale. 

Ability and standards activities don't seem to be restricted to technical info standards; they need to be advanced in conjunction with business processes, markets and also the restrictive surroundings.
Interconnection coming up with and analysis activities produce larger certainty with relation to future generation, as well as characteristic transmission necessities below a broad vary of other electricity futures (e.g., intensive application of demand-side technologies) and developing semi permanent interconnection-wide transmission growth plans.
Monitoring national progress activities establish metrics to point out progress with relation to overcoming challenges and achieving good grid characteristics. 


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