Why Choice STL Member Type Test For Underground Power Cable

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Each product needs verification before going to use in commercial operation, underground power cable also not out of that. User need to confirm carrying out proper taste that the underground cable is safely ready to use, but user no have test facility also can not depends on manufacturer own test. So, they need some third party test that can be reliable. The question is "who is the third party tester?" May be STL members organisation.

What is STL ?

STL is shortened of Short-circuit Testing Liaison, means STL is an organization who provides voluntary collaboration internationally to meet HV/MV underground power cable testing services.

The objective of STL to harmonize and uniform the testing presentation, testing result and test data under a standard guide line.

Most of the cable users worldwide, their first choice for type test from STL members to find the reliable and good quality cable from a large number of cable manufacturer.

What Type Test Certificates Are Required?

Basically following six type test certificates are require-
1.    Complete Type Test Certificate
2.    Dielectric Performance Test certificate
3.    Temperature Rise Performance Test Certificate
4.    Short-circuit Test Certificate
5.    Switching Performance Test Certificate
6.    Internal Arc Performance Test Certificate

Who Is the STL Member Organization?


World recognized testing organizations like Intertek (ASTA)-UK, CESI-Italy, CPRI-India, ESEF ASEFA-France, JSTC-Japan, KEMA-The Netherlands, KERI-South Korea, PEHLA-Germany, SATS-Norway, STLNA-USA, VEIKI-Hungary and ZKU-Czech Republic  are the member of STL; well-known testing services organizations and member STL are shown in above figure. If you interested to know more about STL, may visit the website www.stl-liaison.org.


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