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Sunday, November 15, 2020

How to reduce the voltage of a solar panel using a resistor?

How to reduce the voltage of a solar panel using a resistor?
Fig-Solar Panel Voltage Reducing Formula

Solar Panel Voltage Limiting Using Resistors to Get the Required Voltage.

If you have a solar panel, you will definitely need to increase or decrease its voltage.

So if you want to decrease the voltage of your solar panel, how can we reduce it today?

Now the way we are going to tell you, in this, you need two resistors, we will tell you soon how much the resistor will be.

But before that, you should know that you can also reduce any kind of solar panel or DC voltage by using this formula or this rule.

Here we are going to tell you two ways: By using the first method you can reduce the DC voltage or the voltage of the solar panel.

For example: if a 20 volt supply is coming out of a solar panel, you can do 10 voltages or if a battery is giving 6 volts DC, then you can make it 3 volts.

Method of halving the voltage

To reduce the voltage of any DC voltage or solar panel, we need two resistors. Look at the figure-1

R1-10k ohms,
R2- 10k ohms

First of all, we will connect both these resistors in series and then connect one end with + ve and now we can take half the voltage from the middle of both resistors. As you can see in the image below.

Voltage halved: 5 voltage to 2.5 voltage
In this way, by applying two 10 kilo-ohms resistors, you can reduce any number of DC volts.

It has become a matter of halving the voltage but always halving the voltage does not work, sometimes there is a need to reduce the voltage by half or more than half or as much as you want.

So now we are going to tell you a formula with the help of which you can reduce any DC voltage as much as you like.

In this formula, we have to keep the value of one of the resistors R1 or R2 already, then we assume that we already have a resistor R1 which has a value of 10k ohms and we have to make 5 volts to 3 volts. So now all we have to do is to find R2 for which we will use the formula. Look at the figure-2.

R1 = 10k ohm

input voltage: 5v
output voltage: 3v is what we need.

R2 extract formula

Resistor Extract Formula

When we remove R2 with 5volt and 3volt on this formula, R2 = 15k ohm will come out here and then we will connect these two (R1 + R2) exactly as it did in the earlier exams. It is given in the image below.

By now you must have understood quite a bit, now let us understand it from another example.

This time we will see 5 volts by 1 volt, again using the same formula we will extract R2, look at the figure-3.

This time R2 = 2.5k ohm has arrived. Now as before, this time also we will connect both resistors as given in the image below.

In this way, we can reduce the voltage of any DC voltage or solar panel by half or as much as we want.

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