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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Fault Location Overview On HVAC Compressor-Danfoss

Fault Location Overview On HVAC Compressor

Free download the guide for Danfoss Fault Location Overview On HVAC Compressor

This is an intelligent technique of an HVAC professional just beginning systematic fault locating, cutting off the power supply  for at least 5 minutes which will ensure that the PTC starting device has reset and cooled off to ready for next new start. 

The first minutes of power cut-off  pull down the appliance with cold compressor and lead to an interlocking situation.

In this article will helpful you who are seeking for understanding the service network for household appliances and similar.

This focuses on mainly PL, TL, NL and FR compressors for 220-240V. For detailed information on compressors download the full pdf version file from the below link; from where you can learn details about compressors types- PL, TL, NL, FR and partly SC are equipped with a PTC starting device or a relay and start capacitor.


This guide discussed the following fault location procedure for HVAC Compressor system step-by-step that will very helpful for a technician.

  1. Fault location;
  2. Electrical compressor quick check;
  3. Check main and start winding;
  4. Check protector;
  5. Check relay; &
  6. Check PTC.
Finally a table is denoted for most common fault reasons, detectable before dismounting compressor.

Free download the guide for Danfoss Fault Location Overview On HVAC Compressor.


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